Saturday, January 8, 2011

Working for a living.....

Yes I do actually work you know from previous blog posts that travel is not my favorite but is a necessary part of my job. I flew out late Thursday so was able to swim and run in the AM and get some work done, take a short nap ( fighting a cold) and head to the airport at 6pm..

I was in my hotel room by 9:30 at the Clarion SFO. I know I am a hotel snob but this was truly one of the worst. My colleague recommended the place, and note to self never allow Joe set up accommodations. Ok $69 was a great rate, but like in a lot of life "you get what you pay for." Let's just say I was afraid to take off my shoes. I immediately tossed aside the bedspread and lined the floor with fresh towels so I had clean space to walk on. I was asleep by 10 and early and eager for a short run. After a peek outside to see fog and 40 degrees in a neighborhood that was questionable, I headed for the the fitness room.  I enjoyed a short run on a 1970's treadmill in a closet described as a workout room. It was almost a Fred Flintsone treadmill but did get the job done.....

I was afraid to brave the shower but figured it was necessary. I passed on the free breakfast but did indulge with the complimentary Folgers coffee- best part of waking up! Gag.

Busy day of sales calls at Univ of CA and then off to Napa for dinner with client (hopefully to be a client that is) from Stanford. We had some time to "work" before our meeting so I donned my running gear and headed out in the vineyards for a beautiful run. Froze my arse off, barely over 40 degrees, and I am in shorts and without gloves. But it is a treat to take a late afternoon run in a new location!
Hot shower and cranked the heat to 80 and left the room. 4 hours later I returned to a dry sauna in my room. We enjoyed a spectacular dinner at Silverado Resort and sensational wine- we are in Napa after all. Late night for me 11pm!

No alarm set and I slept past 8 and nearly missed our breakfast meeting. Dang missed out in another beautiful run- sleep and work got in the way. I was mildly irritated, I mean it is Saturday, after all. But since I can be found riding the Great Western Loop on any given Wednesday I cannot complain...well maybe I can but just not with any sympathy. Done working by noon and heading home. I hope it is warm!!!

Tomorrow I can run and ride! Coaching another swim session in the AM and am eager to see the progress they have made since our last session. I was floored at the progress they made in 2 weeks and got heard from one of the guys swam further than he has ever swum without stopping. So fun and exciting. Just set up another session with a new client next week.

Excited my brother and familiar en route from Australia for a long visit. They rented a cool house in La Jolla and both rented bikes so will be fun to ride with them and hang with my niece and nephew.

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