Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are you doing differently for 2011?

Anything......if not, then why not?  Look at how 2010 finished- look at your personal life, professional life and your life in sport -if you have one. And then set some goals for each aspect of your life.  Use the turn of the calendar to get refocused, focus, make things better or turn around things that are going in the wrong direction.

The key to achieving goals is 1- set reasonable goals 2- write them down and look at them.  As an age-group and collegiate swimmer I wrote down my swimming goals - the time down to the .001 of a second on 3x5 cards and put them on the bathroom mirror, in my car on the refrigerator (good reminder NOT to have the extra whatever you are going for)

Now I put the goals in my office - where I sit when I am on the computer. I am still working on my goals- and I want  them for all 3 aspects of my life. Here is what I have so far... my life is an open book anyway so why not put this out there...

- Be a better partner to John
     - save more energy for him each day 
     - listen with an open mind
     - check the defensiveness at the door 
     - breath a few times before reacting
     - give John a 30 minute massage every day (....not really but John will like this one- maybe 2012?) 
-  Improve my parenting  
   - listen before reacting
   - really try and understand popular culture
   - lead by example 
- Financial 
   - do I really need that new X for triathlon or do I send more $$ to my 401k- understand how and when I can retire
   -  family budget meetings

- Develop my DontGetDropped Coaching and Training business
     - fine tune website (needs work)  www.dontgetdroppedcoaching.com
     - target new clients- I have 2 right now and is going so well....I simply love coaching component 
     - get involved with the Tri Club - give back to this sport
     - teach more swimming- I have 3 clients now and they are improving so much and I LOVING it!
- Grow HPN Global business- how I do this is not on my Blog....proprietary info 

- Racing-   
     - 70.3 Worlds Vegas -  get there and do well! 
     - Win my AG at a major race (not 70.3 Champs or Kona) but a real race!
    -  Kona - but only if I can qualify at O'side- not chasing the Kona ticket this year
- Run faster, run faster, run faster.....and to do this - I know I have to bike less -  when I am trying to run faster- I am committed!!!  My weak link will be stronger in 2011
- Train with people who are faster than me..... Struggle to keep up! (sometimes) 

This is a start....there are a lot- I better get them on paper and work on them!   Seriously....I was talking with one of my athletes and put together the following.

How did 2010 work out for you?
Best race?
Best workout of the year?
When did you feel the most fit?
Learning moments? racing, training, bonking, hydration, nutrition

Where could you have worked harder?
Did you over train at any time?
Favorite part of training?
Least favorite part of training?
What do you need to do more of? 
What do you want to do more of?
What are you afraid of? Why?
What needs work? swim, bike, run, transition, strength, nutrition, etc 
How much time to you have to train in 2011 vs 2010?  
Goals? Racing, training, weight loss, fat %....any or all of these




  1. love this! except the last triathlon goal about training with people faster than you. guess this means you either a) need to make some exceptions or b)i need to get a lot faster and make you struggle to keep up with me.

    OR, you can come run with me anytime!

  2. those are some great goals... I have goals that are similar in overall concept, but you are far more of an athlete and better multi-tasker than I will ever be....

    so on a smaller, less fast scale... I, too, want improvement this season!