Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lag in posting....

I have been crazy busy...or so it seems.  With family in town from Australia and my sis and family here for 3 days from Boulder it seems I am in La Jolla every day for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, bike ride or run! Not a shabby way to live.  We are having a blast with the long term Aussies here and a short weekend with the Boulderites. 

The highlight was playing race sherpa for my brother-in-law for the Carlsbad Marathon in his quest for a Boston qualification.  We were up at 4am and out the much less stressful when all I had to do was drive the car.  He took off at 6am and I chilled for a bit and then went on a nice run of my own- original plan was to run the 2nd 1/2 with him or the last 6 miles but he was running much faster than called for on my training plan.  Needed a gentle reminder from KP to keep my training and workouts in mind as well, not jumping on what others were doing.  So I enjoyed the hills of Carlsbad and a latte and then waited at the finish. He came rolling by with seconds to spare....he sprinted in with a 3:19:40.... 3:20 is the qualifier ( I hear you have until 3:20:59) so he made it by over 1:00.  In any case he was elated and is a rock star in my book.  He trained hard, I mean really hard- laid down some serious miles, speed work, sped up his cadence and put in the time and effort to make it happen.  Love to see 110% effort pay off big!

Pure elation...I was crying and so happy for him.  Nothing like that feeling!  Enjoy John and thanks for letting me share in some of the fun.

So back to me....right this is my blog!   Training is ramping up, not like Ironman, but well I am not slacking.... Serious 70.3 training is a lot as well. I am loving that feeling of wanting to ride and run longer....and I am actually feeling better in the pool. Times are still slower than I need them to be, but I know it will come with time.  The swim is such a short part of a 70.3 I am only dedicating a short amount to it!

I have a weekly date with Great Western Loop and it has been good!  Tuesday my riding buddies fell apart so it was me and GWL and I rocked it.  Pushed the pace, went to Decanso and was able to generate good power on the back up Skyline Truck Trail.  While I missed the banter with the is good to know I can lay down my own hammer and keep up with it.  And the best news is I was not trashed. Yes fitness is coming back.  Sensational run this AM along the coast- sun shining, beautiful Ocean and great tunes. 10 minute ice bath in the pacific and meet my bro for breakfast.  That is the way to start a day.  I have always strongly believed in ice baths and now more than ever. With our pool being 55 degrees it is perfect- I stand in the pool after my run or ride or after I get home later that day.....That + Zoot Compression tights- it does work!

With my very cool iPad I am even more mobile than I headed to Starbucks for a conference call and a bit of work and then home in the early afternoon.  The term mobile office is really true for me.   I returned a call on Tuesday near the Bee Keeper- those who ride GWL know where that is....nice spot to take break, return a call and then send a few emails.  Always working....yeah right :) 

Tuesday my brother and sis-in-law had a planned get-away for the night and I offered to stay with the kids- Taz (5) and Jax (3)  What a blast.... It was all hands on Lego's and admittedly Jax had to correct me a few times like when I put the pontoons on the roof of the airplane.   It was great fun and I even had a sleep over and off to swimming at Murray Callan Swim School.  This is the place to learn to swim- pool is 93 and the lessons are 30 minutes.  There were 10 kids, 5 or 6 instructors and Tasman was the oldest at 5.   These kids are learning proper technique at age 1 and up. Their underwater pull is spot on and when they are coordinated enough that add the arms out of the water.  I know a lot of triathletes who wish they had learned at that age!!! 

After the lessons it was time to hand off to the nanny....A total blast and a reminder that teenagers are a lot less work- more hearth ache and worry, but less hands on, all the time attention. 

So the other big news in our house is my husband is living a long term dream...he sold his car.  John is very concerned about the environment, our dependency on foreign oil and the carbon footprint we make. ( One of things I most admire about him- he walks the walk)  Since JD has been driving and we have had 3 cars he was unsettled and really wanted to sell his car.  So he did!  And he is now commuting to work (9 miles) on his bike. He is finishing up week 2, a bit tired but happy.   He could not have done this without JD driving due to my travel etc.  I am supportive in the fact I will do the shopping and pick up the slack at home when he is late or tired but I made it clear this is HIS dream and NOT mine.  I have no interest in sharing a car, commuting on my bike- I just don't.  No apology.  Nor do I plan to pick him up on a regular basis- when one commutes on a bike, one commutes all the time on a bike. The car is available on the weekend if he needs it.   It is a shame he does not work in La Jolla...I drive that way frequently- to UCSD to swim and visiting family.  I really don't have a need to drive up Scripps Poway Parkway so dropping him off or picking him up is never on my way.   He planned this well...the weather is sensational and we have not had any rain!  I love that he is living HIS dream and HE is happy about riding his bike all the time.  And meanwhile I love my Audi and ride my bike lots of miles in a selfish sort of way....but well that is just me. I buy organic, take really short showers, turn off lights, rarely if ever turn the heat on, no air conditioning, bundle my errands, try to do most rides and runs from my house vs. driving - except for Great Western Loop, turn off lights...but you will not see me on any posters for an Environmental Crusade - wish I had it in me, but I am being honest.  

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  1. sounds great :)

    that's the part of training that kills me though - the commuting to the workouts... a 3 hour ride turns into a 5 hour affair... or a 2 hour run takes half the morning.

    sounds like you have great things going on!! i'm struggling to find the balance...but getting there... slowly.