Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 1.....what does that mean

New Years resolutions, yada, yada, yada.  What is means in my world?  Get your ass back in the pool and training regularly.  Suddenly Oceanside 70.3 does not seem that far off.  I have been in the pool once in 6 weeks, running a bit through blisters and other issues and riding a bit more regularly.   Coach said it's time to ride with the power meter to see what is really going on.  I have been a roadie with my Garmin and frankly shocked at times to see a heart rate of 175 yet a ride time of GWL 15+ minutes slower than when in season.  So the truth will be told on Wed on GWL as the power meter tells all.... I have been running without my Garmin as well and decided to strap it on New Years Day. So rationally I know I am slow and out of shape but there is that totally unrealistic hope that I can still run fast.  Every time the 1 mile beep flashed I looked at the Garmin with sheer horror, seriously am I running that slowly and my HR is at 160.  So what do I do, pick it up, huffing and puffing and suffering for no reason.  

Officially....I am not fat and out of shape but realistically I am a few lb's over where I'd like to be and I am slower. When you ride the same route 15+ minutes slower you cannot really argue-  Goal accomplished - lose fitness. KP mandated it- you must lose fitness to be stronger.

It frankly just is not fun.....swimming today - same issue as running, maybe I can make the 1:20 interval- like I am tapered.  I was utterly perplexed to come in and realize I was swimming a 1:25 pace- it soon was not about making the 1:20 it was gee can I suck it up and go on the 1:30.  Gulp....and then I am was dead tired after 4000 yards.  I know the first day is the worst but it was not a pretty site.  1 hour of swimming and I am hungry and tired-  Jen and I ran for 35 min and thankfully I did not have my Garmin or HR monitor for I fear the numbers were high.

And the finally resolution....back to a good diet.  I was planning on that starting Jan 1 but well it was Amy's birthday and I made a giant gluten-free PB cookie and well there was a lot of dough left over- so I ate it and well once we had dinner we had to celebrate and share the cookie and then I was putting it away and the container I selected was full so I ate the overflowing piece. Enough!!!  Sadly after my swim and run what did I eat....more GF Peanut Butter cookie. See it was my reward for getting back in the pool!

I have decided this is the transition week.....cut back and by next week the egg nog will be gone and I will go back to Almond Milk in my coffee and my desert will be a glass of Chocolate Almond Milk vs more egg nog.

I am focusing on my run!  I am focusing on my run!  I am focusing on my anyone want to ride....I mean run?  I have to publish this so I will, you got it,. focus on my run.

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  1. Yep. Can relate. Except I have such strict HR limits placed on me by my coach now. I swear I started crying yesterday when my 10 mile run was 13 minutes slower than it used to be. SERIOUSLY?? Is it necessary to run THAT slowly? Coach says it is right now. This is very different than what I would be doing to myself right now if I didn't have the mandate. Lol.

    Give it time. We'll be back to normal before we know it!