Monday, October 18, 2010

A real hangover....

Recovery means feeding your body non inflammatory foods, getting extra sleep, lots of water, maybe some yoga and a massage.  Well sort of....recovery also means not stressing about what you are eating, if you are gong to bed early, what your workouts are the next day.....

Once I started to feel sort of normal I decided to cook some not so normal foods.  Try Frito Casserole- how scary is that....basically vegan veggie crumbles (ok not the real hamburger), cheese, black beans, Frito's. guacamole and more cheese in a dish in the oven. The kids loved it!  Ok so did I.  And well it is sort of Mexican so I had a few cervesa's.  So good..... 

Next night, twice baked potatoes.  Bake a nice healthy potato, hollow out the inside, add cheese, (supposed to be sour cream but I have my limits so I used yogurt), chives, bacon (real bacon for JD and me-none for Riley), salt and mix it all up and re bake them and add more cheese.  OMG beer tonight but yes a nice Chardonnay was perfect.   

Friday night one of my best friends was in town and we attended the US Grant's 100 year Anniversary Party. Nice shin dig with terrific wine and great company.... early on  I decided I was going to spend the night. I had a lot of people to catch up with and did not feel like waiting in line for food.  Not a good combo but we had a great time and then ventured into the Gaslamp for a sensational dinner and some girl time. But we were horrified at #1- how young everyone was (or how old we are) and #2- how ridiculously short and tight the dresses were- so most of these "kids" could be our daughters and we were so out of place...but we had an awesome time. I love you and miss you Beth!  Hate that she lives in VA!  

Saturday was a rough start,,,,so you know it is bad when I am taking salt tablets and electrolytes to help with last nights damage vs. a long work out.   JD was reffing and I had time to kill so I went for a nice run in the rain. Had to cap it at 30 min- yes coach I am committed to a good recovery- well sort of.   Coffee and the newspaper at Starbucks- what leisurely Saturday.   

Sat night was girls in the hood....Moms of Freshman Girls at the Dunkle House.  We have known each other since our girls were in 4th grade I think and some of us since pre-school. So fun....we ate delicious treats and talked about kids, life, name it.  I love these women and it was the perfect night. 

Sunday....Zen and I went for a rainy run...he protested at 15 min but I explained that we had a 30 min run allocated and we were doing it.  He cocked his head and came along and I gave him an extra scoop of food as a reward. Not sure he got the correlation but he was tired and full-  a perfect combo for a dog.

The weekend was getting to the spa with Marion!   More girl time (can you tell my hubby is suffering in Russia) yep I am sans husband.  Wonderful spa and then breakfast at the Broken Yolk.  Afternoon with Riley, poor JD was studying, and hanging at Mom's house.

Now I love a weekend where I go to bed at 8 and ride 100 miles on Saturday, rush to the kids games and relax Sat night and get up early Sunday for a 2 1/2 run....but well I loved this weekend too- just for a change and to really mix it up! 

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