Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kona at last....

Well the big show is a few days away and I am calm, collected and thoroughly enjoying Kona.  We got in Wednesday without much hassle and settled in nicely.  I arrived before John, long story there, and that gave me time to register and drop off my gear at  our very funky Bungalow.  We are right on Alii-3.5 miles from the Pier (start of the race) and on the run course.  Place is terrific- 2 bedroom and 2 bath and a terrific Lanai overlooking the ocean.  Hard to not love it here.

John dropped me at the Ironman Village so I could get my bike and go for a ride. I followed the course as I will on Saturday and headed out the Queen K.  Nice tail wind heading toward Havi and I knew what that meant...when I turned around to ride back I was hit with the wall of wind.  Strong reminder of last year.  Temperature is hot and humid but not unbearable.  Felt good to ride and be out there.

It is absolutely crazy race week, 100's upon 100's of athletes are riding on the Queen K and running Alli....all hours of the day. From early AM to after dark.  Getting the stiffness of travel out, working out last the pent of energy of tapering, trying to imagine how it  will be and more...Some look like they are hammering- gotta wonder or want to say, hello....race day is around the corner, really save it.

Hit the grocery store.....everything is double here- and had a nice dinner of Quinoa, veggies and organic chicken (I literally had to grab the last package before the guy next to me picked it up)   Jen and Chuck arrived, long trip from Tulsa....and we had a terrific welcome to Kona dinner on the lanai.

Up at 3am.....bummer this is not race day- but well that was 6am CA time- time to get up and take Zen out- oh wait, he is not here.  So tried to relax and stayed vertical until 5 and finally gave up and got up.  Ahhhh Kona coffee on the lanai and getting some work done.  Finished all I could and headed to the coveted Kailua Bay....beautiful, clear water and it was packed! Another good reminder of race day...swimming with 1800 of your new friends.  After 10 minutes though the water was clear and I could really enjoy the swim.  Out of the water and off on a run on  Alii. Legs are coming around feeling good so that is a nice feeling  indeed.  

Coffee with Amy and then a massage.....did I tell you my life does not suck!  I'm telling you.  Headed back to finish working and cannot complain.  RnR and then off to the Erin Baker Team dinner.

Being back for the 2nd year is a lot less stressful. I know where I am going, have scoped out where to park, where I like to run, where the bathrooms are and all that good stuff. And it is so fun to walk down Alii and see familiar faces.  The streets are packed with really lean, veiny, fit people.   I am trying to appreciate it all and not get overly intimidated and look at everyone as being leaner, faster and in my age group.

John took off for a 3 hour ride with KP..that was up 8 hours ago.  Received a message he was leaving looks like he is riding the Ironman course... will see how is preview ride went.


  1. Just started following you, Julie! I know your name b/c i AM in your AG! (but I'm not in Kona, right now, no!) Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Hawii.
    I recall someone saying there is 4300' of climbing over the whole course.. but that same person told me that you don't go all the way out to the point... holy cow... Hawii is almost to the northern point!

    Of course I only passed one rider, he was about 70 yrs old, on the up hill ride to Hawii. Everyone else was aero and cruising past me...

    I was considering taking the mountain road back but the locals said not to do it alone as it was curvy and blind spots. Had a little lunch at 'Zest' well wasn't really lunch but they filled my bottles and had a little green tea.

    I only started to go off the shoulder and into the lava rock once on the return trip ... not because of cross winds... just not paying attention.

    A great fruit stop along the way back just after the bottom of the climb to Hawii, near the cement plant, there's a local outdoor fruit seller, the green tangerines saved me. Incredibly juicy and sweet, kept me from bonking on the way back. A bag of 12 for $2 all gone in a few minutes...

    After the T turning back toward Kona I was crawling at 9mph, not fun till this huge, ex weightlifter cruises by me at 20mph and I jumped on his wheel... he pulled me along for a good 10 miles, and a bit of conversation. He wasn't staying in Kona so he turns around I was still 15 to 20 miles out, I struggled in at 9-19mph the rest of the way, again getting passed by the real ironpeople.

    The radiant heat off the highway with the cool breezy air is enough to make one sick in a weird way. I can truly appreciate how tough it is. That was a 7 hour ride for me!

  3. Bravo JB,

    Personally I hope JB writes a spectator/sherpa race report as well. It would be a great read. Enjoy.

  4. what kind of Kona coffee did you drink?

    a Kona blend? or the 100% Pure (the good stuff)?

  5. Go Julie! I ran into Bethanne in Starbucks the other day. Us old swimmer ladies are cheering you on! Go drop some boys.

  6. 100% pure.... locally grown and the good stuff!