Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kids are growing up...

When did my baby become a young woman.....clearly she has. Last night was Homecoming and she was excited to go. Dress shopping and an afternoon with the girls of doing their hair, blasting music, makeup, perfume and products I have never seen or heard of.  They took over our bathroom and it was  a sight!  Three lovely ladies emerged and off they went.

 The style is short, strapless and ridiculously high heels!  When I dropped off the girls at Chili's for dinner the many onlookers were dropped jawed and wondering what was happening.   But I did not see one dress that was much longer than these, nor did I see any sensible shoes.
The chatter to the dance was of eager anticipation for the first real dance...High School.  3+ hours later they were hoarse and it was all about who is a good dancer, who is a fist pumper (apparently a real insult), who was "lame", who they felt sorry for because their date was possessive or boring...Maya (on the right) went with her boyfriend but met him at dinner, Riley and Teya went  without dates as many seemed to have done. They danced all night and could not  believe when it was over.... So excited for the next one- the Winter (in)Formal. 

While JD did not partake in the Homecoming Dance....he did have a milestone this week as well.

Tuesday we spend a lovely 5 hours at the DMV!  Gotta love the government, especially in a bankrupt state like California.  It was pouring rain, 2 ppl did not show up for work and who else knows what the story was....but JD finally took his test and passed.  Perfect score and he has freedom and I have part of my life back!   Every Tue and Thur he goes to the Calculus Tutor and that was a 1 1/2-2 hour excursion and then soccer Mon and Wed + refereeing on the weekend. And now he can do it all alone!!   Of course there is the tremendous worry of him driving...but he is a good kid and I really trust him judgement. 

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