Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ironman hangover.....

Training and planing for Ironman takes over your life, house, family etc. It is all consuming and that is why I love it!  The bigger the volume the less gets done, ie I have Ironman House ie- a disaster.  I think my family secretly likes Ironman House because I am not nagging everyone to clean up.  My mission is to make dinner, stay awake during dinner which is the only family time we have with 2 busy teenagers, clean up and then survive until 8 and go to bed.  My loving husband....well not much left for him at the end of the day.  Sorry love.... Where are you now? Right Russia!

Finally taper comes and yee haw energy increases but the stress starts creeping in and I worry about getting hurt. Oh the garbage is too heavy, cannot work on that may get hurt and all my free time is spent thinking about the pending race.

And then you travel to where ever, happened to be Kona this time and spend a sensational week with good friends and complete an Ironman!  WooHoo.

But when the race is not what you hoped for, the feelings of post race disappointment begin to creep in.  Other than my first IM and my 3rd IMCdA (the best race ever), as time passes the disappointment creeps in. Monday morning quarter backing, coulda, shoula, woulda, what if?  

And that is where I am now.  Honestly I thought my only goal was to finish IM World Championships in a decent time- Done.  But when I look back, my bike split was slow.... my run even slower and so not to my potential.  So why?  Well 6 weeks out I was in a training fatigue hole like no other...could not sleep or function- not good.  Surrendered and brought back KP- thank goodness!  But I was forced to take time off or risk not making it to the starting line.  I did and my power came back, resting HR came down and things were looking up.  2 weeks out I felt great and had long forgotten about the place I was just in.

I had the time of my life in Kona, good friends, soaked up all the fun, no stress about how much leaner and faster everyone was (okay maybe a little since I had to mention it here). Just happy to be there and thankful to start the race!  I sat at the Awards Banquet so thankful to have the support of my family, flexible job and God given talent to get me there and it felt good.  But since then....not so good.  Too slow, unfinished business and not ready to end the season!

I should have a spring in my step and be wearing my finishers shirt every day....but I am not.  So what now...

Major race debrief, analyzing with KP- addressed a lot, still need to figure out the nutrition- I would love to say my run was so slow due to barfing and diarrhea but honestly my legs started to load up at mile 9- I could tell then I had to readjust my expectations.

Option 1- season over.  Drink up, Eat up. Have fun- take a break
Option 2- recovery wisely and put in a few weeks of work and line up at Ironman AZ!    Coach asked me if I am ok with a sub par finish in AZ?  Sure, no f'ing way! The goal of IMAZ is redemption, but is that possible.  Maybe I am only 50% out of the hole of fatigue....hard to say.  

I want to be excited about being done, chilling out, relaxing...but honestly I want to train and race again!

Ugh!  Well for the record this week looks a bit like this....Sunday Awards Dinner followed by party on our Lanai which included Pineapple rum, Kona beer, Chardonnay and a late night.  Braman was the leader of the pack....slamming pina coladas and the life of the party.  4 hours later when he had to get up to begin his 27hour trip to Russia he was not so perky.

Monday...long journey home but elected for  few drinks on the plane- major issue was no food. Ugh!  By the time I tried to buy food all the had left was Pringles- okay I know junk food is okay this week but could not do it.  Drank a carton of milk and took a nap.

Since being home... I am chilling with the kids- love those guys and so happy to be home.  We had Taco Casserole tonight- oh yea...cheese, corn chips, taco meat, chili's, salsa, avocado, onions, black beans all baked in a big dish.  Kids are loving life- cool mom chips in our dinner? I had 2 beers-I crack the 2nd one and JD says Mom, another?  Yeah baby, we are recovering...or whatever.

Last night was about fat and delicious.   Desert was fresh pineapple but we soon cracked open the chocolate chips and chowed on those.   Confession....few glasses of wine.

The mornings are the most unusual-only have to wake up to see the kids.  I have been making them breakfast and they are shocked...."really Mom I can butter my toast"  I offered waffles, but they reminded me they did not really have time for a sit down breakfast.

In addition I am battling a cold...let it run its course and no stress since I have no training...but well, I have to admit I did find myself checking out my road bike today. I am thinking a nice AM spin and a stop at Peets!  

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