Saturday, October 23, 2010

44 and counting

Well the big day has come and gone....and well it was splendid!  All started on my birthday eve with a delivery of beautiful sunflowers with a card that said "from Russia with love"  My sweetie in Russia did not forget me.

I was up early, Zen does not get the "it's my birthday let's sleep in" and well I awoke to a variety of sings and notes all about the house. Everything from #1 Mom to Happy Birthday to You are the best....

JD and Riley did well!   Awesome start to the day and off to UCSD Masters.  Even though we had to to breastroke it was a decent swim.  But the better part was the Birthday ride with Jen. So much to catch up on from Kona to  Xterra Worlds (which are tomorrow in Maui- go Jen go!!!)  We planned coffee but I had to dash home and get cleaned up for my next birthday soiree.

Lunch in Rancho Sante Fe with Dad and Kathi.  Delightful lunch at Dolce Pane E Vino and we even shared a bottle of Sparkling Wine.  What's not to love about that!  

I did actually have some work to do so I had a few cappuccino's (post Sparkling Wine) and got to were a tad late from school and since JD is now driving (yes that is another story) I was starting to wonder. But alas...the strolled in with stunning flowers and GoodnPlenty's.   Just what I needed for the late afternoon lull....sugar! 

Next plans it was off to Chevy's....I love that place and it would be fast so the kids could get home to finish homework and we could all have some fun!  Mom and Billy, Marion, Amy and Andy and JD and Riley.  Good food, delicious Margarita and a great amount of fun!  gotta say my friends know me was Pee'ts coffee and Coffee's of Hawaii kind of a birthday!  Keep Julie caffeinated she is happier that way! And my loving Mom popped for the Zoot Compression Tri Shorts excited to take them for a spin. She and Billy were shaking their heads- seriously how can one pair of shorts cost so much $ and bring so much excitement.   See....hard to really understand from the picture and well they look better on me...maybe? maybe not, but the feel good any way.

Active Compression Tri Short

Birthday is not complete without a Sombrero and Happy Birthday!  And thanks to Mom for the special gluten free Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!!

Sensational day....I felt the love for sure from friends near and far (thanks to Facebook) 

And the beautiful thing about triathlon is that getting older is not so bad.....Even though I am now 44, come January I "age up" and race 45-49!  Yee Haw!  

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  1. Happy belated birthday! You'll tear up the new age group~!