Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soccer, Date Night, Camping and oh right training....

My long ride was on Friday of last week because of JD's soccer tournament.  People say, oh you have teenagers, not like having little kids. True, they can bath, dress and feed themselves but they still require time from a parent.

Friday night I worked registering teams for our (Carmel Valley Manchester Soccer Club) Tournament.  5-9:00 I checked in teams for the tournament.  JD's first game was 8am on Saturday, which means he has to be there at 7, which means I was up at 5:30 to run and the we were off to the game.  First game is a win!  Yeah and then we have a few hours and game 2 is at 2:30 and we lost 1-0- tough game, terrible reffing but hey the US managed to tie England in the first WC game between our games.

Rushed home, showered, changed and dressed up for a nice dinner at the Hilton Mission Bay. Work event, but sure to be more social with good food and wine and a free hotel room, So JB and I headed down and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Good thing we had the room as well the wine was flowing, So let me note, this is the first time the kids stayed home alone.  Rule- no friends, no leaving the house and well no parties- but really not an issue for us (yet or hopefully never, but I am not that naive)  They chose a scary movie to watch. I checked in around 10 and JD proceeds to text me that Riley is scared to death and is asking to sleep on the floor of his room.  We had told JD he could sleep in our bed, near Zen, so he could get up early with the dog.  Turns our Riley slept on the other side - she was too scared to be alone.   They survived fine and we had a splendid time on a real date!!

Sunday was rough....let's just say the flowing wine was wrecking havoc on me now.  Home in time for another day of soccer.  1st game is a win and we have 90 minutes before the final and we won!! Hooray- Champions of our own tournament!  Gotta love that.

Sunday was a day off of training for me......6 hours  on the soccer field + late night + long week of training- well earned, if I say so myself.

Monday - JD is bored....Riley is off to Palm Springs with a friends family and he wants to go camping and well of course fishing.  I have work to do and assign him the task of 1- seeking out where to camp 2- where he can fish and once that was worked out 3- getting down the gear, packing the car and walking the dog.  Done- so I throw together some dinner and we are off to get John.

5:30 we are at Lake Cuyamaca, which was kind of funny, I have never driven there, always been there on my bike.  We pay $18 and are camping lake side - John sets up camp, love that guy and JD is fishing, I open the wine, get my chair and enjoy the spontaneous vacation we have just taken.

 His work is done!  Chilling with Zen

Hey success!! I am off to the lake store for overpriced charcoal, foil, lighter, olive oil and season salt.  John cleans the fish and we grill it up.

The fish was delicious!  A bit small for the 3 of us so luckily I brought dinner ( as a back up)

Happy kid!  He is a pretty darn good teenager- happy to be fishing and hanging with us,

Sunset on the lake and we are having fun. Our 5 person tent is perfect for 3 of us + Zen.  We did not bring Zen's bed so he slept on mine.  Not much sleeping and up at 5:30 with the sun. John was on his bike by 6:30 and rode back to work- 42 miles in 1:20- gee think it was mostly down hill or is he a CAT 1 racer now?  I went for an awesome run around the lake on the trails and JD broke down camp.  Another hour of fishing (not catching) and we headed home.

Fun, mini vacation!  So much fun we are going back soon.

So training...blah, blah....enjoying life right now, but actually logging a lot of miles too,  My new routine of riding to UCSD for Masters allows me to log extra bike miles and get in the swim as well.   I save on gas, parking and it is fun!  Not sure how fun it will be when it's cold and dark - well then I will be in my car.

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