Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not for the faint of heart - saddle sores

Saddle Sores.....with some this a subject we just don't discuss because they occur "down there"  But come on people, any of you that spend hours upon hours on your bike have had at least one and probably more if you are honest.


Well I have had my share but have one that reoccurs.  I used to think Chamois cream was for wimps.  Well who is the wimp now.... I can usually keep the bastard at bay but well lets just say it has taken on a life of it's own.   A while ago when I was began having issues and my friends said you have to use cream I weakened and picked up a tube of Chamois Butt'r  and used it a few times.  One day before applying I checked the label to see what the heck was in this magic cream?  Lots of words I cannot pronounce and a few with "acid" in them as well. Uh....not so sure I want to be using that well, down there- acid?  what the heck?  So no more, I am not using a chemically ridden cream- done. 

Good idea right- sure, great until the sore starts to rear it's ugly head again.  Argh...  Luckily around this time one of my Erin Baker teammates was launching his company and the product betwixt and he sent me some samples.   No petroleum, vegan, green tea and chamomile extract, organic aloe vera, paraben free.....okay now we are talking.  Good stuff- smells good and is good.   And they also make a great sunscreen if you are in the market - zealios. So now my only issue is remembering to use it.  I remember sunscreen every day but for the life of me forget to use this stuff, until it is too late!   One other product I have to comment on Hoo Ha Ride Glide the name alone got my attention but then I read this We actually had to use our husbands' nut cream for a long ride because we couldn't find one made for a woman... How funny is that!  I found them at an expo and love it. Again smells good, ingredients I can pronounce- it's all good.  The funny thing about chamois creams is some of the names.... Assos Cycling Cream, Brave Soldier, DZ-NUTZ protect your junk,  That Butt Stuff...and more.

Then there are the complainers on bike forums  $20 for a tub, isn't there a cheaper alternative. The suggestion are Bag Balm, Diaper Rash Ointment, Body Glide ( just make sure you don't let me borrow it on my neck before a swim), Noxzema, Vaseline (if you reapply every hour- gee that is convenient).  And the classic quote - "I'd gladly pay $20 to avoid a massive seeping, bleeding sore on my ass"

Well my "friend" is back and I have had to use hot packs, ice, now antibiotic cream and am seriously thinking about standing for my next ride!  So I googled and searched for how to get rid of it. The consensus is hot packs for sit in a hot salty bath to get it to open up (really nice process as you can imagine), keep it clean, antibiotic cream until it heals.  It you can you get to it in the beginning stage, pimple medicine is recommended to keep it from growing!   And the number one recommendation is don't let it happen again.  

Well there you have it...... hard to say much after that. For me, I just have to remember!



  1. Ugh. Two of my girlfriends who only cycle have just stopped shaving to solve the problem. For both of them, when they get to 12 hours in the saddle each week it gets ugly. So they tell me. One is having laser hair removal to see if it helps.

    I love Hooha Ride Glide. Tried some last year at OC tri

  2. wow... nothing quite like a little infection to roust you out of your writers block...