Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My husband dropped me.....

Luckily it was just on a Sunday bike ride. So JB has been riding every day at lunch - hammer lunch ride and well it has made a difference. Awesome ride Sunday with Beth, James, Katya, Simone, Shannon, JB and me. Some of us rolled from Peets and we picked up the coastal peeps along the way. Headed up to Elfin and JB was cruising- ridin like a roadie out front attacking and easing off and attacking. But see, I am still trashed from my track work out- I know, 3 days??? Hey, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. No up and go for me so I was not attacking and not keeping up.

Through Elfin Katya, James and JB took off....I was tempted once, twice okay a lot of times but really wanted to test my ability to stick with my ride plan. Katya and James, no problem, let them go off the front, but JB.....hard to not jump and go with him. But I did - goal was to not hammer and to not be trashed after a 4:30 ride. Goal achieved. Did not help that JB rode to work, worked the rest of the day (yes it was Sunday) rode home and was on fire. "what a great ride, god that was fun...." yeah, yeah! Okay really I am psyched for him- he is talented and built like a cyclist and it is great to see the training paying off.

We had fun- more good times with cool people! I love this sport, really!

Monday I rolled at 6:15 and rode to UCSD - took the long way so it was 19 miles and got there in time for practice. It was awesome! Loved it- I was so much more awake and ready to swim. And it was nice to ride home and since I saved $$ on gas and parking I rolled past Peets and got an iced latte in my water bottle! That was the treat for riding to swim.

Today was a big day! 8th grade promotion. We are so proud of Riley for finishing 8th grade and making it to High School! Seriously, they make a big deal out of it...so we dressed up and went for the ceremony. Of course it is great to see other parents and catch up and I was impressed they did the entire ceremony in 45 minutes. Impressive.

As we did with JD 2 years ago we went to Peet's for celebration. A few other families came and it was perfect. Nice treat, girls had fun and parents chatted it up. JD came over after his last final and we had a cappuccino toast to summer! Poor hubby had to work and miss the fun....

Riley and Granny and Papa

Riley, Indira and Astrid

Riley and her Dad
Riley and Jenny have been friends since pre-school

Riley and Kathi (Grandpa Jim is at the Dr's)

I ran at 5am so was able to chill with the kids today....unproductive work day really. Cleaned my bike, drank smoothies and relished in that reminiscing feeling of the start of summer. Kids are in the park with friends playing lacrosse. It's 6:30 and no worries about homework,. tests, finals....good feeling indeed!

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