Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Stealing....

Ok not really....really more blog inspiring.  I just read Beth's blog about racing this weekend and I was actually thinking much of the same this morning.  It seems nearly everyone So many good friends are racing this weekend!  I am most excited for the IM virgins!  Amy is going to kill it an IMCdA.  And then the others seeking the oh so coveted Kona slots- they mostly seem to be at Buffalo Springs!  Debbie has some revenge to take out for missing her roll down at IMSG!  Ah- can you believe it.  MS flatted at Honu so has a revenge race in her as well.  I have 2 buddies in the same age group vying for the same spot- dude's you have to duke it out and may the best, well best on that day, win! Some Erin Baker teammates racing in CdA and BS.

And locally- the San Diego International is stacked with so many more....the women's elite race will be a good one!  Tati, Beth, Terry, Caroline and more I am sure I just don't know about.

Seriously I want to be at SD Intl to see that finish!  I want to see Amy finish CdA and could hang at BS to watch them all roll in as well!

Ahhhh.  But I will be at Del Norte HS watching Girls U13 lacrosse (and loving it)  Saturday will be more of the same....let's see 8, 10 and 3 Riley plays at Del Norte and 10 and 11 JD plays in Coronado,  And US vs Ghana is at 11.   Still working out logistics of who goes where with whom and how.  

 I  hope the iPhone is up to all the athlete tracking is will be doing.   

Good thing my legs are smashed as I head into a weekend of parenting.  No long rides, maybe a long run on Sunday.  I can run Saturday if I run at 5 or 5:30am....otherwise 4:30 but after all the games, driving, etc I know motivation to get out is tough.  But this is a good time to NOT have to ride long.  I am  not fully ramping up for Kona and well there is that minor 130 mile Death Ride with 15,000 ft of elevation but well- it's not a race.

Today my plan was to ride to Masters and ride home- leave here 6am..... not happening.  I am tired.  Much to Zen's disappointment when the alarm went off at 5am I did not get up.   I fell back into a deep sleep and clearly needed it.  So I hammered out a few hours of solid work- really I do work.  Set a goal for telemarketing calls and the reward was to ride to Noon Masters.   Done!  Another component of my job is training and providing ongoing support to our new associates and I made some good progress on that too.

On the bike and it was sunny and spectacular.  Legs are tired, I mean really tired.  So I deiced to be smart, listen to my body and make this a recovery ride to and from swim.  Funny thing happened around 45 min into the ride, the burning subsided and they started to feel good. So I picked it up, even considered just riding for 3 hours but then though I really should do a solid swim.  I left the option open as I hit Torrey Pines.  I wouldn't say I hammered up but I pushed it hard!  So much fun I decide for another - okay same efforts, same power and really not so much fun- legs rebelled and that motivated me to go to UCSD.

Friday Noon masters is awesome- sunny, long course and usually not a lot of people.  Waaat......long course pool is rented out to Water Polo, we are short course and limited to 6 lanes and there were a lot of people. Hello 6 in my lane- that is a lot short course.  Oh well once the intervals were sorted out we were down to 3 and started in on Fast Friday.  Of course it is fast, it is short course. By the time I finally converted to SC times I realized it was Not so Fast Friday.  But it was a beautiful day and I decided to enjoy the swim and worry less about the times-  surely the clock was slow???

Ride home was good- took a different route and it was a bad on to take on a Friday at 1pm- traffic, traffic and lots of lights that were not runnable.   Bummer- but I enjoyed the weather, the fact I was on my bike and I had a good play list.  Really- pretty darn awesome!

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  1. Oh good somebody else in our age group to battle it out with! Kerrie Wlad is here too and she's a bad ass runner. Plus Amanda Durner. And Margaret Finley. And Kristen Moore (though she has her spot already! Yay)... Bring on the battle! It should be epic. It really should be.