Monday, June 7, 2010

Another week gone.....

Seriously this daily blogging is not happening, nor is the every other day or even the bi-weekly frankly. What the heck am I doing with all my blogging time....reading FB maybe?

Working? Right....worked harder these past few weeks than I have in a while and am getting accustomed to it. Not as many meltdowns. Although I had a few on Thursday...seriously, lack of communication is my biggest pet peave. 1- acknowledge you received the email or v.mail 2- a timeline of when you can work on it 3-when you do it 1/2 as* least note what you did and did not do. Okay, off the soap box. Busy is good. Busy is good. If I keep saying it I will believe it, really.

Kids.....what you say- 2 teenagers, they hate their parents so how can they keep you busy. Those with teenagers, you know...they (at times) purposefully or subconsciously suck what is left out of you on an emotional level. Not always not every day. Our household is a big believer in Steven Covey's Emotional Bank Account When we make emotional deposits into someone’s bank account, their fondness, trust, and confidence in us grows. And as a result our relationship develops and grows. If we can keep a positive reserve in our relationships, by making regular deposits, there will be greater tolerance for our mistakes and we’ll enjoy open communication with that person. On the contrary, when we make withdrawals and our balance becomes low or even overdrawn, bitterness, mistrust and discord develops. If we are to salvage the relationship, we must make a conscious effort to make regular deposits. Our kids are awesome kids and most of the time, the account is in the black. But with school winding down and the stresses of finals and grades looming, let's just say, it is a good thing there are no overdraft fees in our household. One more day of finals....and yes summer! I tell you, even though we do not get summer vacation as adults, there is a sense of vacation with school off the table for 10 weeks.

Training....yes that too. I felt great after the epic ride and long run until Tuesday. I was dead weight in the pool and my ez spin was even hard. Wed I had a mid week ride to do and was looking for company, I knew I needed the inspiration. My buddies were riding GWL Thursday and I could not play due to work commitments. I was going to join a Tri Club ride and bailed. I decided to hop on the bike around 11 and meet hubby for his lunch time ride. I was working on a BIG, can I say BIG proposal for prospective client. Finished it and sent if off, double checked it made it and out the door.

Cruising along working to "have fun" and I clunk and that dreaded hissing sound. Darn it, flat this is not a quick change and go. The tire has a 1/2 slice and is all the way through. No worries I have some shim's my buddy gave me, oops not in the Bento Box, oh I can use a $1 bill, nope, no $$ today. Bummer....nothing to use. Well maybe it's not all the way through (even though I can see it is) so I change and hit the road and within 2 minutes anohter huge hissing sound. Darn. No luck for me.

Call hubby for a bail out ride, only to realize he rode his bike. Great- stranded. Thankfully for his ex boss and a pick up truck to come and rescue me and take me home. As I am waiting I witness a major car accident- new Porsche 911 and old pick up truck. Horrible crash, car parts (Porsche parts) all over but thankfully both parties walked away. HR now at 200 and I did not even exercise to get it there.

Once home I give up on a ride or run. Frankly I am tired and cranky. Only to realize my proposal went to the wrong person. My (prospective) client did not get it in time for her meeting with her boss. This could cost me the business (the jury is still out at this writing) As I am rectifying, or trying anyway, the situation Zen is aggressively pestering me in the way that says I really have to go!! I am on the phone and so I just let him out to the front. He usually hangs in the driveway and bakes in the sun. Within minutes I hear screaming kids from the park and "he stole my pizza", "who's dog is this." Oh boy...I am running. Seems the elementary school is having a picnic and Zen invited himself. I see a lady holding him by the collar as he wolfs down pizza. Apologetically I drag him home and simultaneously a police car parks in front of my house. What now??? not sure he was not there for us. I'm telling was 1:30 and I was done, D-O-N-E for the day. But I could not be done. Too early for wine so I went to the store and ashamed and regretful purchased a lot of gum and started chewing.

Riley saved me that afternoon with her terrific attitude and willingness to help out!!! Big deposit that day in her account.

Thursday was the 8th grade awards ceremony and we had received the generic letter in the mail "your child will be receiving an award" Riley has no clue what for....but of course I will be there. Busy day so I have to do my 90 minute run (which will include mile repeats) before 7:15 so I can get there on time. I am excited for my track work out - the last one I did was great. Well this one was, how can I say, so painful it was not fun. I only hit the pace on 2 of the repeats and was running all out to try and make the interval. Ugh....I am either very slow, tired from the weekend or well slow. Depressing indeed!

I sit though a 90 minute awards ceremony and Riley's name is not called for anything. What the heck....not fun, but well in turn with my week. Come to find out, later in the day, the school missed a group of awards- she should have and will receive a certificate in recognition for cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above for 6th,7th,8th grade. Well done and very proud! Even though I had to be proud later that day.

We rounded out the week (non eventful training) with a great dinner with Dad and K. Finally summer like weather so we ate outside and had a grand night. Only to be topped off with a game of Apples to Apples. Seriously fun game and with more people it gets better. Nice end to a week that was well...interesting.

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