Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When do we run out of tears...

They appear to be self generating and mine are working overtime. I cried so many last night I woke up dehydrated....well maybe that was the wine too, but I prefer to think it was the tears. But I woke without the feeling of dread and worry for my pup. Each morning I would worry about his state of being, will he be in pain, will he be better.....but today I knew he was peaceful and pain free.

And Zen....bounding down the stairs eager for a walk. Thank goodness for Zen, so nice to keep the routine of a morning run. He seems a bit lost but all in all he is Zen and just lives his life.
I headed out for the best grief therapy one can think of.....GWL of course. Nothing like girlfriends (and Pat and Ian) and an awesome bike ride. Many tears at the onset and then onto more important topic...laughter, fun and of course the usual suffering.

I was feeling great and walked in the door and it hit me......tears welled up but there was Zen to dutifully lick away the tears and barge past me for a walk. He is sticking very close to me and that is okay. He went on some errands today, dog loves the car. I usually do not take him as I felt badly leaving poor Rocky at home.

I went to the bike shop..grrrr, SRAM RED :( Left shifter is having issues now- Love my Kestrel Airfoil Pro, DO NOT, get this DO NOT like SRAM RED! But that is what I have and hope to get this issue fixed. In any case I tied up Zen outside and returned to find him laying with a posse of people giving belly rubs. The dog is a slut for attention. Everybody loves Zen.

So the training is on.....looks like rain on Fri and Saturday so may sneak in another ride tomorrow after swim. Oh and a run too :) yeah- swim*bike*run all happening pain free!

And thank you, thank you for the outpouring of good love, wishes, sentiments, flowers and cards for our loving Rocky! All you dog lovers know.....this is not easy :) Thanks for being my friends.

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