Monday, February 8, 2010

Tired legs takes over grieving process

I successfully finished my biggest week since pre-Kona last year....Interesting enough adding the run and swim to the week is uh tiring. All that riding was so blissful when all I was doing was riding and yogaing (is that a word? not really, but I like it)

So I swam 3x and 2 of the workouts were over and hour at Masters. Now I have moved down a lane and my interval is 5seconds slower, my arms are tired and I am starving when I finish, but I am working my way back. Thursday we had a few 300's, tempo effort and I was afraid to look at the clock but Sickie made me. I expected worse, hoped for better but all in all was okay with the times. 7 weeks to Oceanside and 13 weeks to IMSG. Plenty of time to get the swim fitness lifted.
Easy? No Doable? Yes.

Add 4 successful runs and well I am beat! So is Zen.....funny dog. When we started back running I wanted to be sure and ease Zen back into running vs his long walks. He has not been cross training on the bike so he is a bit out of shape. We started at 20 minutes and he adapted well. When we pushed to 30 he decided to sit down in protest around 25 minutes. As if he knows the 10% rule. I encourage him and he comes along. When we are adding on we often are near the house and he has not decided to turn and go home regardless of my intention. That or he sits down and waits for me to come back and make the right choice to go home. One spot I add on 5 minutes is up a short hill. Day 1 he was game, day 2 1/4 way up the hill he sits and watches me run up and turn around and run down. Almost shaking his head...what is the point? He has let me know 30 minutes is good for him. So I drop him off and finish my run.

Saturday I managed a 90 minute run! Not IM ready but getting there. Time? no clue, not interested in seeing the pace right now, just building the miles and hitting the hills. I am a hill seeker
Okay maybe not that big. But when I ran after swim I ran down Torry and back up. My big plan for Saturday was Black Mountain, but well, after all the rain - sounds like a hazard, especially for me. So I hit all the hills in the hood and some of them twice.

The riding was tough this week....legs are baked! Thanks to SRAM I am on my road bike so no power. But the way my legs are feeling, probably a good thing. Heart rate is fine for now.

Heading to another big week.....key for the week is lower intensity in order to get the work done. Considering my legs are tired that should not be a big issue.

Along with all the training we had a massive family weekend....Bro and family's last weekend here so we had a big Enchillada dinner here on Friday followed by a Chili feast on Saturday at their pad in LJ and finished with Superbowl on Sunday. All this socializeing is exhausting but very, very fun! Luckily my ride Sunday was a cruiser....Braman's ideal ride. We rode to the coast and up to meet my Sis in law and cruised along the coast to Solana and had coffee at Beach Grass Cafe and he snuck in some eggs. Continued on at a very social, chatty pace. Good recovery ride and what I needed but not what is going to get the job done for racing. All about balance (well sometimes anyway)

Huge weekend for pretty much tells the story.

2, 2+lb rainbow trout. The boy has been fishing for over a year....and as he replies when I ask how it usually goes. "fishing, not catching" He has not caught anything over 2 inches. Big day for him. He and John we up at 5:45 and on the lake by 6:15. Excited kid indeed and we all enjoyed the trout at U Scott's on Saturday. Braman taught him out to clean the fish and he cleaned the 2nd one and now that he knows how to cook them, he is on deck for grilling the other fish for dinner tonight.

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