Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping + riding....

Seems Jen and I have a new gig. We ride, we shop! So it's Friday-hooray. Well yes and no. Yes, it's the weekend and no, well, I am tired and still have a big weekend of training. Yes, it's good!

Today was big swim, masters and then a 90 min ez ride. Well today is also Swim West's bi-annual sale. So we powered out the swim, gulp, biggest for me this year 4800 yards. I have to say I am pretty darn happy. 1- did the yardage without shoulder pain 2- it was sprint Friday and we did 50's and I pushed hard. On the last 50 I approached the wall and decided to make it 100 and see how my time shaped up. I was gasping for air but yes, the 100 was a good one. Now mind you, it was only 1, but I could do it and that is a good sign. On the right track for O'side and IMSG.

Shower, change and on the bikes up to Encinitas. We yammered the entire way so we were there before we knew it. 2 of my favorite suits, 50% off, but they are ugly. One has postage stamps and airplanes- please. But I am not picky. More concerned about the fit than the fashion. After all it is for need to be sporting a cute suit only to be trashed by the chlorine and spinner at the pool.

Love this sale as we are sure to run into other tri buddies and sure enough we see Diana and Darcy. Lots of chatting catching up and meanwhile I am stuffing my jersey pockets with suits and goggles. Jen over bought and had to use the backpack but she got suits, goggles and swim paddles that are guaranteed to move her up a lane at masters. We contemplated the speed suit for $170 and maybe she could move up 2 lanes. But opted out.

The ride back was not as cheery....the lactic acid we both expected after our respective days of training yesterday finally caught up with us. More complaining but we manged. We kept reminding ourselves, this is an ez spin, right? Right.

Whew...done and guess what. Hungry you got it! I had to boogie home for a work call so I drove along with hunger pangs, not wanting to raid the glove compartment for a power bar or shot blocks, I wanted real food. I arrived with 1 minute to spare before my call- grabbed a double shot out of the fridge and the phone rang. Well, the call should have been short. I am doing my part and then the topic drags onto a subject that does not concern me, but I need to stay on the call and I begin to realize how hungry I am. Now my office has many food options: gel's, gu's, shot blocks. No I am not going that route. Call ends 40 minutes later. I have not convinced myself I am on the brink of starvation, I am seeing starts, my body is eating itself. Okay, minor exaggeration. Totally satiated with ErinBakers Power Crunch granola, greek yogurt and dried blueberries (hopefully I did not overdo it with the berries)

And done for the day....well training and eating anyway. Work- yes have to get some done.

My dilemma for tonight is that Riley is going to a party from 7-11! Ah that is 2 hours past my bedtime. Have to be awake and present when she gets home. So I think I will set an alarm for 10:55 and come downstairs and wait. Why can't my kids like to go to bed at 8:30 as well???

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  1. Hee Hee, love the new gig. I think I'll wear my paddles while running to see if they help more. Hmmm maye I should go back for the $170 speedsuit.