Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Shopping with Jenny.....

Some chicks meet their girlfriends for coffee and shopping on Saturday....well I kind of did the same. Started out with the boys....JB and KP as well. We headed out for a ride, pending rain, but optimistically we hoped it would not rain until afternoon. We rolled out at 7:30 with intent of picking up KP along the way and heading to Dudley's for a 5 hour ride.

Started out great. Soon as we start climbing Scripps Poway Parkway it begins to rain a bit. No worries just a bit of mist. Looking ahead we see ominous clouds and serious fog. In fact we cannot even see the top of SPP. We move along. About 1/2 way up Braman says this is not what he signed up for and reminded me of my comment last night- I'm not riding if it rains. But it was not raining when we started and well now it was. But now we are on our way and we decided to at least climb SPP and then determine what to do. Braman turns around and we suffer the wet, windy climb.

As we roll to the top the rain clears and it is seems nice. Okay, lets ride to Poway RD and turn around. We hit Poway Rd, clear and nice and roads even seem dry. Looking East we see some blue sky and some massive black clouds. We choose to see the blue sky. Soon thereafter Jen flats- while it was not a 2 minute flat change it was respectable considering it was cold and wet and muddy. We are soon rolling and chilly and wet.

Not the quandary is how to get home....We do not want to descend Highland Valley Rd in the rain. The rain lets up and once again we are optimistic and rolling towards Dudley's. The next line of thinking is, lets stop at the bike shop and get a jacket and maybe dry socks and arm warmers and keep rolling. The bike shop does not open for 20 min. KP heads to Dudley's and recommends we head down, kind of felt like skiing and being up top and freezing. We decided to head back but pop in for coffee first.

Nothing like pulling up to a coffee house in pouring rain on bikes. We scramble inside and it is warm and smells good! We really want a delicious muffin or treat but we have only been riding 1:40 so we have not earned the big treat. We settle for delicious cappuccinos and debate what to do. Well our coffee stop gave the bike shop time to open so we rolled to Kirk's Bike Shop . We hustle in looking like drowned rats. Kirk looks at us with shock and pity.

The bright yellow jackets are a beacon for us. Women's sizes and there is 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large. Kind of like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Just the right size for each of us, well Jen and I. My arm warmers can be wrung out so I look for some and find very stylish polka dot pink ones. Tags off and one my arms. Jacket on and zipped up!

Life is getting better by the minute! Jen decides she needs dry socks and buys the ever popular socks with the sexy lady on them. Once she washes and dries them, they will make a nice gift for Tim.

We are feeling good now. Hanging out inside, warm and near the heater. Okay time to roll. We decide NOT to go to Dudley's but decide to ride down 78 and then home. The road is dry....we should have known better, every time we came upon dry roads it was soon raining. We are basking in the few rays of sunlight laughing and chatting and then it starts....small drops and then a downpour. Now riding downhill in pelting rain poses a huge problem- keeping your eyes open. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Putting your head down is the best option but well not all that safe while descending on a bike in the rain and watching out for flooded areas.

We are not laughing so much now. But we are loving, loving our jackets! And then it stops and we are rolling but the Wild Animal Park laughing again about our big adventure. Flat tire....muddy bike, good place to stop though and no rain. Rolling soon, more rain, we are definitely going home!

Finally as we hit RB the sun is out and it is nice....this is when the smart people are beginning their rides. We are, well finishing. Tempting to add an hour but then not so much. We have been out for 5+ hours yet have not been riding even 4 hours. So as we approach home we add on the 10 minute loop just so the computers say over 4 hours.

What an adventure....we are soaked, muddy and bikes are trashed. But we still rally for a transition run and Riley even joins us. All in all a good day and fun adventure!

Life of triathlon....


  1. Can't believe you skinnies lasted as long as you did in so little clothing. I was wearing everything I owned and was cold :-)

  2. That was such a wild and crazy adventure. I am randomly thinking of all the funny parts and laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  3. I'm such a wimp that after I was soaked on the first mile of my run I headed home and only did 3. Yes 3! I think I have never recorded a shorter run on my Garmin. My shoes are still wet tonight.