Monday, February 22, 2010

Hard to beat the Saturday adventure....

Really what can top that....riding in the snow? been there, done that.

The good news is I am running.....yeah! Long run on Sunday 1:40- yes! Minimal hip pain while running but flared up when I finished. But thanks to ice (one of my dear friends), the foam roller and good stretching the pain was nearly gone by Sunday night. Awesome! Not sure how fast I am running...probably not real fast but I am running longer and longer. That is step one. Ran with some new cool girls and that is always fun. Big loop on the road ( prefer some trail but it was wicked muddy) so road was good. Lots of chatter about life, men, kids.... amazing how that helps the time pass.

These girls run early! 6am. So I was home by 8:15 and ready to Yes, the new family past time. Well JD's anyway. He asked if I would take him and I agreed. I jokingly asked if RM wanted to come and much to my surprise she said yes. So off we went at 8:30 to Lake Poway. JB joined us later and we had a happy family morning fishing and chatting. We brought Zen and he nearly killed himself with excitement over the geese. He was shaking and pulling at the leash.....let me at them, let me at them. He had to be leashed and was not allowed in the water or within 100 feet of the waters edge. His math is not all the good so he kept breaking the barrier and eventually the guy on the loudspeaker reprimanded us and ordered the dog away from the shoreline. Poor Zen had to hang out in the car. So we sat and fished and it was a day of fishing...not catching. No fish but some good family time. We had some good laughs and supported JD in his ongoing effort to feed the family.

Reward or consolation, depending on how you look at it, was a trip to Starbucks and a donut binge for the kids. Gotta love a good Sunday splurge sometimes. JD was off to play golf with Granny and Papa and we headed home.

Afternoon with the Tri Club and Riley joined as well- very cool kid she is. And then the vacation were out of school for a week so it was harsh reality this morning getting up for school. I was hoping to ride but it was rainy and windy. No thanks, had enough on Saturday. So I headed to the pool for a tough, tough, did I say tough, Masters workout. Oh my aching arms....times were respectable but I was wiped out, could hardly lift my arms to wash my hair (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) But I was tired and while the times are getting better the effort is very high.

After the swim and food....I mean I was starving. Eggs, brown rice and coffee....still hungry and had avocado and toast. Okay settled down and did some work, very productive in fact. Next was hitting the gym....ugh not my favorite but the last few times it has been on my schedule I have, well ignored it. Okay, coach puts it there for a reason so I go. It is cold and rainy and I am cold so I decide to warm up a bit on the treadmill before hitting the weights. I am running and feeling good so I crank out a nice 30 minute run while watching CNN. Nothing fast but a few extra miles without pain is a good thing!

And we are back in the school routine....lacrosse practice for Riley, lacrosse tryouts for HS for JD and homework, homework. Eggs for dinner- seemed like a good cold weather dinner, kids loved it. Yeah it's not chicken or pasta for a change.

Hoping for a bit warmer weather....I know I am the one who complains most about the heat but riding in the wind and rain is just not fun and I am riding tomorrow and Wed. So if I can request at least one day be nice, I will go with Wed. GWL in the rain and cold is tough.

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