Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the week rolls on....

Yes, another run on Tuesday and no pain! I am faithful to the foam roller twice a day and have kept up my intimate relationship with the ice pack as well. Not going to let this hip issue sneak back on me.

Last night John brought home a visiting worker from China. Fascinating guy...30 and his mind is always going. Very intelligent and inquisitive. Very child like in some ways with his questions and eagerness. Considering he lives in China his English is very good and he is willing to work and struggle with the language to keep the conversation going. John took him back to the hotel via Ranch 99 and REI (which he was amazed about) No REI in China, although very ironic that 90% of what is made in REI is made in China. Looking at some of the sleeping bags he noted they would cost over $1000 in China. Something about that just does not seem right.

In deciding what to cook for dinner I pondered....and went out on a limb and made chicken curry. He loved it, raved about it and had 3 helpings. Either it was that good or he has been living in a hotel for 2 weeks and home cooked meal would do the job. We loved it and there is something about a guest for dinner to break me out of my usual weekly dinners.

Wed was GWL day....and it was sunny and a bit chilly. Ian, N, E , B and I rolled around 8- a very sane hour and rode reverse. I was very happy to have all my gears today- only had to get out of the saddle on the steep part of Lyons Valley and when I was very tired coming up Stinker Hill. I, N and I opted for Descanso....well I and N turned around at I8, I just cannot do that. If I go that far, add the 6 miles of climbing, I have earned a trip to the store for a Starbucks Double Shot. So I went alone and filled my bottle with the coffee and was rolling soon. Popped in my iPod and had a nice ride back to the car.

Pondered a T run but decided not to push my running luck. After 3 days of running, just riding today seemed a good idea. Plenty of time to run tomorrow.

Day 3 of lacrosse tryouts for JD for high school.... 5:30-8pm tonight- what's up with that. I am ready for bed and he is just rolling in. So sad, increased training and all I can think about is going to bed at 8:30. Really, I need to get a life. I do have a life....husband, kids, swim/bike/run and eat - appetite is at it's peak again. Must be apparent as I write about food, think about food and well eat food.

Food highlights....latest favorite- toast with almond butter and honey, as soon as I wake up. Seems I wake up hungry most days now. Greek yogurt with honey, almonds and dried fruit. Absolutely delicious. Homemade pizza for dinner.....pepperoni/onion for the kids. Me...onions, broccoli, Greek olives, roasted peppers, cheese and then I eat all the kids crusts. Okay the blog is boring...discussing what Julie is eating.


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