Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes the temperature can be perfect

Wednesday we decide to ride GWL again as the rain is a comin.....although it did not come today. The caveat is that JD had an Ortho appt at 10:50 so I had to be done by 9:45. Only true friends will agree to ride GWL at 7am when it is sure to be sub 40 degrees and maybe not even warm up.

J,E and I planned to ride. E was hit with the flu and bailed but J agreed as long as I was game. It was indeed chilly at the start and we were blessed with T, who played a bit of hooky to sneak in a ride. We rolled and it was cold but sure enough as soon as we are climbing, the sun is blazing and it was spectacular. Beautiful and absolutely awesome. Not shorts and jersey awesome...but gloves, arm/leg warmers, she covers awesome. That perfect chill that you are bundled up and totally comfortable. It was so clear you could see forever and the air was so clean it was filtering all the junk out of our lungs. And amazing how green it is already. We were like pigs in well you know....100% appreciating where we live and that we are fortunate to ride on a Wed AM.

Nothing like changing in the parking lot, flying to pick up JD and off to the Ortho. I log on the computer in the office and hammer our a nice hour of work while he is in the chair. It's all good.

Today was predicted for rain, rain, rain.....JC and I make a date to run and decide as long as it is not pouring we will run. It was chilly, 40 degrees but beautiful and sunny. Chilly run and it was good. Legs were definitely feeling the back to back rides and just as we were finishing something pulled in my hip. What the heck....and well has proceeded to stiffen up and is quite painful to walk. Ugh, why can't I be 20. Off to see KP tomorrow AM and hope a torture ART session will boost the recovery.

Power session and hammered out all my clients holiday cards and gifts and even posted and mailed them all. One check off the massive list of TO DO's before we leave next Wed for Australia. I have to work on a bit each day or the list will not get done...especially because Sun-Tue I will be downtown at the Marriott for the HPN Annual Meeting and will not have any time to come home let alone do anything.

Saturday is my power packing, planning and errand day!! Promise.

Did not accomplish much more today as had a long and lovely lunch with Mom. So nice to chat, catch up and just enjoy that fact that she lives near by and plays such a major role in my life and the kids. With JB leaving for Australia Saturday and the conference I am in a major bind- thankfully she can stay with the kids (again) Thank goodness for family. This time she will not be driving all over the county...I will pull most of that off on Sunday before I go.