Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So much for the Ironman.....

The last week+ has not been much Iroman, but well, not much if any training. Nice to see my life is more than swim/bike/run! More like kids/play/eat! Loving it all....Really hoping for a healthy body when we return so I can get back to training.

The water skiing today was a BAD, can I say REALLY BAD idea for my shoulder/
deltoid. Not only did I not get up on the single ski, the last try my shoulder was pulled hard, really hard, and really painful. Just not fun to be more injured without having any fun. Water felt great and it was nice to be in the beautiful. Well before the jelly's invaded anyway. Swimming back to the boat was not a good feeling. So no skiing or kayaking - bummer!!!

Back to more fun postings...about cookies and fun in Avalon Beach, AU.

S,N and I went for a delicious dinner at The BarrenJoey House in Avalon for Nancy's birthday. Wish my hubby was here so I would have had a date. He arrives tomorrow- yeah!!! He had a wonderful trip in the Great Barrier Reef and more adventures in Brisbane. We are all eager to see him and to hear about his fun and travels.

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