Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leaving Oz

Well all good things must come to an end.....or so they say.

I broke the exercise sabbatical yesterday and went for a great ride. After 7 miles on very traffic ridden streets I found the National Park and did the Acuna Bay loop and added on and rode to Cottage Point (steepest 4K I have ever done) Ride was just over 3 hours and it felt so good to be out exercising. The Christmas cookies and egg nog needs to start coming off this body before it settles in. My hip is about 80% so hope to be running very soon and my shoulder is slowly coming along. The deltoid is much better and the pain is definitely concentrated in the shoulder joint. 4 weeks off swimming, it should be better. And surely the water ski attempt was a major set back on the healing process, but hey- it was fun anyway. Time to start thinking about IMSG and Oceanside 70.3 training.....I am accustomed to feeling that getting into race shape is within reasonable reach but now.....going to be a long haul. But they say, losing fitness is a way to get stronger. We will see. But I am need the adrenaline rush from daily exercise!

Our last day was rainy and overcast so any ideas of a huge day on the boat were squelched. But after the 7 hours the day prior we were sunburned and the kids were sore. Sleeping in and noshing on fresh croissants and coffee was not to shabby either. We finally had the family Spoons game, which JD has been vying for since we arrived. It was all we hoped, high energy, aggressive and a lot of screaming and pounding. So much in fact, Taz and Jax were hiding in their tent with pillows over their ears.

We thought about taking the boat to the beach with a picnic dinner for NY Eve but decided on a nice dinner at home. Good idea so we could organize and pack with ease. Scott cooked a wonderful Fillet Mignon and of course we thoroughly enjoyed some Champagne. After the little ones were in bed we saw pictures from their recent trip to India- stunning and great to have the commentary as to what they saw and did.

By 10 were all yawning incessantly and there were no suggestions of ringing in the new year.

JD was up at 6:15 for a last water ski before we head to the airport....not looking forward to the 15 hour flight home, followed by the drive home from LAX. It will be great to get home and see the pups....miss those furry guys.

Happy New Year to all those on this side of the world and Happy New Years Eve to those on the other side!

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  1. It will be great to watch After Miss Julie, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.