Monday, December 21, 2009

Days down under

This pretty much sums up JD's he starts the day and would like to finish the day. Today he returned tired and sore. 3 sandwiches later he was recovered and ready for more.
Riley has a cold and thus is lacking the desire to get in the 70 degree water. I have not foraged in either- fear of pulling out my shoulder and well, 70 degrees I prefer a wet suit. It has not been super hot so I keep saying when it gets hot - I will go. We awoke to a hot day but I had an my Osteopath Appt so had to skip this morning.
The famous Lionel Train that we grew up with as kids....well this is not the exact train but same brand. Dad and K hauled it over last year and JD was put made Engineer by Kristen. He set it up and has it running effectively. Watching Jax with the train is much like JD when he was young. There is lever to start the train and if you gradually slide it over the train gradually accelerates and picks up speed. But Jax, as JD did, throws the lever and the train lurches forward, jumps the track and we hear "broken train."
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