Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Aventure

We are just finishing Turkey Soup for dinner with JD looks out on the water and floats the much light is left? The day has been rainy and hovering in the high 60's. JD skied in the morning for a short time but soon returned due to the chop and wind. Nancy was putting Taz and Jax to bed and Scott says he will take the boat out if we all go.

So we gather jackets, towels and prepare to head out around 6:30.
Judging by Scott and John's dress you get an idea of how warm it really was, not.
JD, not phased but the cool weather is eager to ski.
The master skipper driving the boat sporting some a new Christmas jacket.
Posted by PicasaJD is cruising on the single ski, in and out the wake, making cuts and looking pretty good. I pose a question to Scott about fuel as we had not filled up for some time and the last time we only had $50 so it was not a full tank then. He notes we may be low and could be at risk. He turns around and we are at least headed toward home and the boat sputters once, sputters twice and then we know. He immediately slows and it is now clear we are out of gas.

We do not really panic as we have just seen a water taxi zipping by so we assume as soon as we are secured we will call a taxi to take us home.

The good news is we are near shore and in shallow water. We begin paddling with the water skis- note, not real effective. So JD jumps over and is not pulling the boat to a mooring.

Riley making herself useful with the Queen wave to the onlookers on the beach.

Boat is secured to the mooring and JD now swims ashore to ask the owners if it is okay to leave the boat overnight. We ring the taxi company only to be told that they have just made their last run and they suggest we call Pink Lady Water Taxi. Well PL Taxi is a ways away and quotes $86..we pass.

Now we must get ashore. Water is shallow and maybe 50 yards. Scott jumps and wades ashore and comes back for Riley who is wearing jeans. I take off my yoga pants, much to Riley's horror, surely all 2 people watching could tell my bottoms were not a true bathing suit, and lastly here comes Braman in true Borat fashion.

The idea of getting soaked was not appealing as mind you were not wading to Scott/Nancy's house. We are 6 miles from home and Nancy is home with 2 sleeping kids. So we head for the bus stop.

Conveniently the bus stop is placed in front of a bar. So we roll in and promptly order 3 adult beverages and 2 hot cocoas and begin to tell our story to the bartender and restaurant manager.

Scott calls a land taxi only to be told the wait is 2 hours. There goes option #2. Looks like option #3 is the bus, which by the way just whizzed by. Oh and the bus in Palm Beach does not take us to the house. We will need to go to Avalon Parade and transfer buses to get to Stokes Point. The next bus does not stop, the next bus is done for the night..... so we send Braman into the kitchen to see who will take us home for $20.

Meanwhile Riley is posted at the stop....with the instructions, do not let another bus go by. Well the cook agrees to take us home but can only fit 3 in the car. Scott, JD and Riley take off and Braman and I order another drink and settle in. The are closing up the door around us but are kind enough to keep our glasses filled and conversation flowing.

While waiting we met and Australia Opossum. A Marsupial, he was much cuter than the American version. He waddled onto the deck looking for food which apparently he does nightly.
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Eventually Scott came back for us and we returned home wet and filled with tales of our adventure.

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