Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Day on the Boat

After 3 days of rain we woke up to a beautiful sunny day! After a picnic breakie on the beach we dropped of the youngin's and headed out with the Biscuit (ie big inflatable to pull behind the boat) 2 years ago when we came to Australia Scott and Nancy bought it for the kids to use behind the boat. So far this trip JD has been 100% obsessed with skiing so the biscuit has been in the boathouse.
Today was beautiful but by the time we headed out on the boat it was very windy so skiing was not a good option. Riley was psyched to get in the water and she wanted the biscuit.
It was great....much like 2 years ago they 2 of them were on the biscuit together having a great time. It made my vacation to have the 2 of them laughing and playing like many times of the past. So the boat starts slowly and they are eagerly asking for more speed and Scott guns the boat and they slingshot out of the wake and hold on for dear life.
As the boat picks up speed the kids are laughing and squealing.
Riley braves the biscuit alone. Screaming and giving us the tiny thumbs up signal to go faster. Uncle Scott guns the boat and she screams but then begs for more.
JD chilling on the boat- patiently waiting his turn on the biscuit.
Mom's shirt served as the rashie (rash guard) How could I miss out on a picture of my kids with
Yeah Aunt Nancy is out on the boat! Kids are down for a nap and she joins us for some fun
6+ hours on the boat, sunscreen applied 1 or maybe 2 times and we have very tired, sunburned kids and adults. Awesome day indeed.

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