Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Thoughts on bikes.....Random thoughts

When training for hours and hours on a bike, often alone, I have sadly found that I begin talking to my bike. Am I totally nuts, or maybe others who are afflicted with this "sickness" called Ironman training do the same. The funny thing is I have 2 bikes- my road bike a Specialized Ruby, whom I naturally call Ruby and my new baby, my Tri Bike Kuoata Kaliber, whom I have not settled on a name but am rolling around K2.

See for me, my first real bike was the Ruby, just 2 years ago. Until then I was riding my 7 year of Fuji Mountain Bike that weighs in around 30 lbs. So you see, Ruby and I have been through a lot. She has seen so much, like when I forgot to unclip and fell onto the sidewalk, when she flatted out and I could not for the life of me change her tire, when I was not feeling so well in a race and made it rain on her. She is a good friend and a nice comfortable ride as well.

So K2 comes along...Why, well of course because I need an aero bike. "Need" something lighter, faster, stiffer, a racing bike. K2 is all of those things. He, seems like he is a he, and I spend long hours together preparing for IM. He is not sympathetic, he makes me work hard. When he flats, I promptly fix it and we are off, no wasting time, laughing about the old days. See he has only know me since I have gotten serious about this sport and sees his role as getting us to Kona.

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