Sunday, May 5, 2019

Think less and just go all out

 Today was the kick off of the Triathlon Season in San Diego with the Spring Sprint!    I am finishing 2 big weeks of training and yesterday was a sh&t show,   My HRV this AM was 7.7 " within your normal values and your subjective scores are trending positively. Proceed as planned"  

My Training Peaks looks like this-  and I was feeling tired.  But my plan was warm up, go hard and see what happens.  With very little on the line at the local race, let's just see.  My warm-up run was painful.      Ok, its go time, well not really, see I was wave #15 of 15, they put the 50 + women DFL, keep the slow ass people in the back, I suppose.  The 50+ men were in front of us.                                                                                                                                               Short swim- 500 yards, I had 100 yards of open swimming before catching the wave ahead and slamming into a guys head who was doing elementary backstroke going the wrong way, going to be a long day for that dude.
Out fast and up the ramp.  Quick transition. The bike was 10 miles and had 12 turns with  4 of them 180-degree turns.  This course has been dangerous but the widened the lanes and the marking of the crater-like potholes it was not too bad.  And with 90% of the people actually riding on the right side, it was easy to maneuver as needed.   My legs hurt, no question, but the power was there so I kept the pressure on. Whenever it started to feel better I kicked it up a bit.  Rode at 98% for 28 minutes, AV HR 160, so I was working.   So much that I was only able to take 4 sips of Gatorade Endurance and no more. Something about redlining feeling that does not allow for caloric consumption. 
                                                                                                                             Onto the run and I went out hard without looking at my pace and had the same approach as the bike, keep the throttle down and suffer.  I was running well, but fck it hurt.    Hard to the finish line, which was 3.23 miles- really people, how hard is it to make it 3.1 miles NOT 3.23.  But I digress- sub 7:00 pace and I am super happy!    
If I had let my head dictate the day, who knows how the race would have come around- instead I just went for it, did not look at number or paces- just hurt as much as possible, which is 100% doable for 59 minutes!  

The effort was enough for the OA Win, which I am humbled, to accept!  
The day was fun with my athletes Kasey, Alexis, Alexis, Gail and Stacy on the course getting it done!  Add my teammate Liz and a bunch of local friends and it's what I just love about this sports....friends, suffering, sunshine and so many medals! 
I encourage everyone to do a few Sprints- don't think, just get out there an go hard!  It's hard to screw up pacing on a Sprint.   
Racing for an hour on 4 sips of Gatorade is 100% doable!   Breakfast of Kona Red , 2 cups white rice with coconut oil + salt and a GoGo Applesauce pre-swim!                       

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  1. Congratulations and your so amazing. Thanks for keeping it fun and real