Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hurting in a different way

Every athlete is different as in some absorb volume well, others intensity, some are powerhouses in the gym, others can hardly lift the barbell me  but how we are all very similar is that we love to do what we are good at and that is generally a strength for us.

I could do long rides all day, all week and be so very happy!

As noted before my goals for this year....
- No mid year Ironman but man I wish I was racing IM Canada 
- Bucket list races- WF2 - check, Alcatraz, AG Nationals.  I am sneaking in Whistler 70.3 since 7 of my athletes will be up there- how could I NOT go
- Dial in Nutrition- so far so good, have made good progress, but have yet to really test it in the severe heat and humidity
- Get Strong-  commit to strength.  I have bee chipping away at this each year but finally now we are in the thick of it, as in it is a priority.  When strength is a priority other workouts suffer, all of them.  I start each Training Peaks comment with SAF (sore as fck) But this is a good time for me to do this. even though I complain to Mike nearly every day and may have written an essay on Sunday 

My current block of training is so out of "what I love to do" that I am thankful it is a short block.  3 x strength last week, trainer workouts, which I just don't love, or frankly like.  I like the trainer for recovery zwift workouts and watching netflix.  That is a lot of $ to spend on a kickr to tool around on zwift.   So I do the workouts, again why I have a coach, because lets be honest, if I was self coached I would have make the trainer into some sort of useful furniture.  I KNOW the trainer is good for me, and for anyone, its a specific set of work that cannot me simulated outsided, but God I don't like it.

Last Monday's trainer session was filled with so many F'bombs + 4 towels + 48oz fluid and more complaining, so much that Mako left the room so sleep.   I crawled off the bike,  swam to the shower with a river pouring off me and was still sweating when I jumped on a call with coach.  He answered the phone and says "how much do you want to yell at me?"     I made sure I did the workout pre- call JUST for that reason.  WTF was my opening ?. Who does this workout?   I think he said "it gets easier" but I don't believe that because it seemingly just gets longer.

And then last Thursday's   I was EXCITED to not be on the trainer but now it looks like I may die outside!  OD (olympic distance) training is hard and harder or so it seems. When did Satan start writing workouts?  And I could go on about the next workouts....but you get it.

But it is different and that I like.  The stimulus is good!

We ALL need to embrace what we are not good at or what we dislike.  Coaching Masters last weekM I gave 3 sets of 8 x25 ALL OUT- dispersed through the workout and it was fascinating to see the reactions.  Some buried themselves- big kick, all in, high turnover and others swam 1% harder took the extra rest and noted they were "tired" from yesterdays whatever and then the last group cut the rest and just swam.    Fast 25's out out of the norm an they hurt.  The ones who embraced the workout were smoked after each set and then went easy on the next set (as instructed)

So many people have the 80% effort in place.  Warm up at 80%,  main set at 80% and cool down 80% vs warm up at 60%, hit the main set or key set at 90-100% and then dial it back.   I see it in biking and running.   When we do intervals the difference should be 2+ min/mile difference in running from warm up to "hard". Biking ez spin = 50% of your FTP - why so when  you need to go 105% you can.   Its a hard nut for SO many to crack.....  Try it!    I learned with training with a few Pro's- when they say easy it is easy!

When you look at your training for the week and see the workouts you are dreading  least excited for, do a mental adjustment and make them your A workouts.  I tried it this week!    I strutted into the gym today with a great play list and ready to knock it out!  Done!

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