Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back at it

Last blog post was 11/21 in the beginning of our Myanmar/Hong Kong adventure.  I started 7 blogs on the trip and just never finished them....what we saw and experienced simply could not be captured in pictures let alone words- so I quite writing and just traveled.  My advice to everyone is get out and experience this amazing planet.  Buy less stuff and experience more.  

Visit any place that inspires you, intrigues you, scares you or is interesting.   For all the negativity about the US, I challenge you to visit other countries, developing countries and you will appreciate all the good in the US.  While many are upset with the President-elect, be thankful we live in a democracy and we have a say in our leadership.  Are you frustrated with day to day challenges....try a country without paved roads or electricity.    And a trip away is good for the marriage.... no racing, just experiencing new lands together. 

Post trip we were unpacking and repacking for our next trip to Santa Cruz. Getting"ready" for Christmas. 

 We spent 5 days in Santa Cruz with the kids and dogs and it was fantastic..... It was 5 days of running with John and the dogs, amazing hikes with the kids and dogs, cooking in our VRBO, playing card games and the funniest game ever Watch ya Mouth, discovering SC dog beach and checking out all of Riley's favorite spots.  I was hoping for quality time and we got our money's worth.

My inspiration to write today is the book.  Shoe Dog  A memoir of Phil Knight and the creating of Nike.  The book is sensational on so many levels.....A humbling tale of how Nike became a $30Billion was not overnight, it was not easy, it was not without so many near fails....the story is riveting, interesting and just plain fun.    

There are so many appealing factors.. running, sport, business, athletics etc.  There's something about athletes. Maybe they know about passion, defeat and team spirit better than others. And maybe that's why they are better than others in handling a real crisis. And when a bunch of them come together to create a company, the story had to be this fascinating. This book reveals a lot about Phil Knight. A humble man who saw the best in others. Maybe he was lucky to find such a driven team or maybe he could just appreciate the good in others better than anyone else. This story is about the time when entrepreneurs created real stuff. Bowerman and Knight, with their expertise in running came together to create shoes that would make running easier for athletes. It was creating something 'real'.  An honest memoir. Read it if you are struggling in a startup. No. Read it anyways ! I am sad the book it over....

Happy New Year!!  Bring on 2017

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