Thursday, October 27, 2016

Level 5

As my good friend Kim likes to all turning 50.... reaching Level 5.

One of the aspects of being a triathlete is that you "age up" on January 1.  Once the calendar turns you become whatever age you will be on 12/31 of that year.   So for 10 + months I have been 50 in triathlon years that is.  The first time I had to answer the "how old are you?" was in March at my first race this year.  I did gulp a bit and say 50.  I have had 50 scrawled on my calf 6 times before my birthday.  So the actual day did not change much, other then well I am 50.

I decided that 50 is really halfway to 100.   You may laugh but my Grandmother lived to 99 and my Aunt is currently 99, so it is within my family genes for sure.   Time will tell.....

learning to drink from the bit valve
The day was about as perfect as I could have hoped. Starting with a gnarly trail run/hike with John and the dogs (on very tired legs from a session of stair climbing the day before)  Coffee at Lofty, while I do love that place I am over the "massaged humanely treated almond milk " that is a $1.50 add on and the sheer attitude of pretentiousness of that place.  We have shifted our local coffee allegiance to Coffee Coffee, more "North County" coastal attitude with better seating and real people.

thanks mom for the cake and candles
We wrapped up the day with party.  No surprise party ( I foiled that early on), no black tombstone decorations, just a great night with good friends and my parents.  As ideal as it could be.  We had the food catered so it was easy!  Bought and drank a lot of wine.... You can tell it is the off season for my triathlete friends, as the wine consumption was nearly double of any other get together.   And the Vons cake (which I requested as I LOVE the buttercream frosting) was demolished. It was a nice with so many of my dear friends - the kind of night that just makes you feel so fortunate to have so many amazing people whom I consider to be my friends.

Cannot wait to roll this baby
While I am not a super "gifty" person my parents like to give at birthdays and especially the big ones.  My mom had reached out to Les for some ideas.... Surely she did not expect the disc wheel or Di2 shifting for the road bike ideas but my loving husband sold them on the disc. No memorable jewelry  but a gift I LOVE and will surely use for years!   Cannot wait for 2017 O'side..... the whop, whop, whop of the disc rolling on my bike!

Onto 51 and still feeling more like I am 40.

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