Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cable Guy

Every 4 years we get cable TV.  Yes this is our 4th time "signing up"  Why?  For the Summer Olympics.  There is no real way to watch online.  It requires cable, DVR etc so you can record everything and watch your favorites and zip through commercials.  It's just too good to not enjoy!

Since Le Tour de France is before the Olympics we signed up in July in 2012, but this year we started June 26 to watch the Swimming Trials.   So we are 1 week into having TV.
The swimming trials are such  great teaser for the Olympics.  It is mind blowing to see the coverage for the trials. Back in the day, when I was swimming, 1984, you could walk into the Olympic trials with 20 people and find a seat no problem on the bleachers.  Maybe there was a 1 hour NBC show that covered the entire trials.  And now it is a sold out show with prelims on during the day and finals prime time each night.  Even Bob Costas is on the show...this guy is 64 and looks 40. I'd like to know who is plastic surgeon is.  He looks good, not fixed up.  Amazing... Maybe he has some good drugs too.  I supposed he can use EPO as the commentators are not tested for performance enhancing drugs are they?    I digress.... I thoroughly enjoyed all the swimming!   The goal is to watch all the sports we commit to  and NOT become TV slugs.  So far so good....only swimming and now Le Tour.

Day 1 of the Tour and I have to say I am settled on the couch in my Recovery Boots and thoroughly enjoying watching these amazing men ride through Normandy.    I knocked out 19 miles this AM, running that is!  Coach put my run on Saturday the last 2 weeks with the hope fresher legs and the ability for a solid run.  It worked!  2 solid back to back long runs.   IM Canada 3 weeks from tomorrow.

I am using recovery as the perfect excuse to watch the Tour!   7 years ago we were at Le Tour.  We were in Spain for a soccer tournament and we snuck to Monaco to watch the start of Le Tour.  We had so much fun we followed it for 5 days.  To see the riders, the bikes, the excitement first hand was an experience of a lifetime.  We keep saying we want to do a bike tour during Le Tour.  As the stages start at 1pm you can ride part of the stage and hang out to see various highlights- KOM, finish etc.  One of theses days...currently this dang Ironman thing is getting in the way of us doing that. 

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