Sunday, May 1, 2016

All over the place

Sunrise at the Cove

Friday  was a day where I covered a lot of terrain in the emotions/feelings department.

RETICENT- I wanted to want to go swim in the cove early Friday AM with Rachel, as she is moving, SAD, so I went to meet her and a few others to swim at 6:30.  I was not DREADING it but was not at all EXCITED either, but when I got there and witnessed a sensational sunrise I began to feel CALM. Short swim, 1 mile or so at a nice pace and were done.  Getting out of the water I was so HAPPY I went and was reminded that I really do LOVE the cove most of the time.

Post swim the head to Pannikin and that is just a nice way to kick off the day- a nice OW swim completed and a terrific Almond Milk Latte with cool friends.

Love this local spot Pannikin
Friday was the official start of my taper for St George 70.3 and I am ready!   Other than the swim I had a strength session to knock out.  I had done a session on Wed and emailed Coach post workout how dang proud I was of me for finally seeing progress in the single leg hamstring balance as well as the other challenges.  My left leg is weak, wobbly and hard to balance on but on Wed I nailed 4x 10 single leg balance with very few topples.   This exercise is at the beginning of my workout so I I was hyped up and proceeded to nail the rest, including box jumps!   It was an aha of wow this is working!   Strength is one of the new commitments I made this race season.

Friday, even though I was tired, I was motivated to hit the gym for more success.  It was the opposite, I could hardly stand on one leg, leg alone bend over!  FRUSTRATED, ANGRY and I wanted to quit.  I had the " it's okay you are really tired and started to taper" conversation so it is okay to bail out.  But then I tried another conversation.  " Last strength session before St George make it count"  I tried to psych myself up and I cannot say it really worked, but I put on a good Pandora station and make it happen, all of it- including the core and mobility.

I left feeling DEFEATED and tired.  Times like this it is easy to say F-it and call it a day, especially when you work for yourself  from home and it is Friday!  I came home and finished a few outstanding issues and a "trace" popped up.  A reminder to call a prospective client I have been after for a few months.  I identified the company a while ago and had reached out, followed up and done my usual stalking, as in calling every week without leaving anymore messages in hope but the chance he would pick up the phone.  I had left a message and send some information but 0.  After this goes on a while I call and expect VM and go about my day.  I was one foot toward taking a nap but make the call and he picked up.  I nearly choked.... I was so shocked I said " Wow  you answered your phone"  He fortunately laughed and said who it this.  So I went with my casual approach of well "I have been stalking you and your meetings"   How is that for an ice breaker.... well the short of it is that I landed the account!  Right on.  As I say in my coaching business #relentless.  It pays off.  Now I was ELATED and ENERGIZED!  Right on. Perfect start to the weekend! 

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