Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The things that hover over you...

1- A car that that you wish you never bought and are not trying to sell and it is not selling and you did not sell it to Carmax 3 weeks ago because the offer was horrifyingly low and you knew you could get more money on your own and you don't get any real offers and it sits in your front yard with a For Sale Sign which is really a giant in your face you idiot kind of sign and the last person to inquire was a Jehovah Witness who used that to get me to answer the door and yes this is a run on sentence.

Yesterday I took the Carmax offer and am done with the car!  Ii felt like I was returning with my tail between my legs, but whatever.  Easy and painless, other than the brilliant idea of Ubering or Lyfying home. Seems Escondido is not prime Uber/Lyft territory and the car that was 8 min away was really 23 or 28 minutes away and Romeo may or may not have been in bed when he "accepted " the call and his car did not move for 10 minutes and than moved in the wrong direction.  But I was really patient after losing money on my car at Carmax and waiting 8 or 23 or now 31 minutes.  But the car was clean and the music was explicit and the traffic was now bad so we came home through Elfin Forrest- weird driving through there vs riding.

But the car is GONE and the sting and financial loss will soon fade away.  And I don't have to see it every morning when I back out in the car I love!

2- the most expensive trainer ( I think $ can buy) the Wahoo Kickr which has not been kicking since Feb 27 due to "wheel locking up"  I opened a ticket and was assured and easy fix.  9 messages later, installing and reinstalling and testing and sending data culminated in me throwing a few objects and not saying nice words. John stepped in and expedited or eventually got the new sensor installed and fixed.   At one point I put a towel over the trainer so I did not have to be reminded of the issue, sort of like the car, but a towel over a bike and trainer caused Mako distress and incessant barking which only made the issue more obvious.  But yesterday I was able to "enjoy" another painful trainer session.

So with those to "issues" resolved.... I am happier :)   Talk about first world problems I know, I know.

Another big decision made - Oceanside 70.3 is happening for me!  I will do the best I can on that day.  I have run miles in me, just not enough, I have a few fast miles, just not enough.  So I say I am racing with realistic expectations.

1-  I am getting old  (lets be honest)
2- 13 weeks of  not-running for a non runner takes it toll and the pace does not come back quickly
3- I really am happy to be healthy enough to toe the line!
4- If I try to blog about a disappointing race I will have this post to read to remind me of where my fitness is today!
5- racing means I get to taper :) I love tapering for a few days and than I get restless etc.... 

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