Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Late Season Race?

It seemed like such a great idea a year ago to sign up for a November Ironman.  But now as your friends are making plans for Halloween  and you are 2-4 weeks out from your A race worrying about the last big training or starting your taper. Really trick or treating with beers sounds more fun!  You know if you eat copious amounts of Halloween candy that really fitted tri kit will not be the same.  Yes you are tired of being tired, tired of the dang black line and smelling like chlorine, tired of the trainer, tired of training peaks...just plain tired.

My advice as a coach and an athlete... Suck it up buttercup!  How's that for compassion.

- you are close, the work is done (or mostly done) - stay focused
- focus on how much work you have vested, don't mess up know by getting sick or injured
- relax- "hay is in the barn" Truly if you are 2 weeks out- the training is DONE.  You can do more harm than good at this point.  You are better toeing the line at 90% vs 105%  - if you are over cooked or overdone you are over trained and it's hard to race well.
- if you have a few more weeks, break it down to 2 more long rides, 2 more long runs etc- so as you do them you can see the home stretch.
- train with other people, it helps to have company, talk about your race and get excited!
- talk to your coach, that is why you pay us, tell us what you are feeling- its okay to complain a little.

Are you sick or injured?  if so SHUT it down!   Use the final weeks to mend, get well- stop testing to see "how it feels" Chances are a deeper taper will only help.

No panic training - aka:  adding long rides and runs 7-10 days out, at that point you are adding fatigue.

As the taper kicks in - be mindful of what you do.  As nerves run high we get careless so move with purpose.

Use the extra time to plan for the race, start packing early, spend time with the family you have neglected for 4 months, pay attention to what you are eating and NOT drinking.  Stay focused.... post race, have at it!

Focus on the finish line- you will be there before you know it!

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