Monday, September 14, 2015

Ironman Lake Tahoe Run Course Recon

1:It's not FLAT
2:It's at Altitude

if you did not know about 1 and 2 you are in deep shit trouble as we are 6 days from the race.

T2 is at Squaw Valley -  you ride 2 full loops of the bike course and start a 3rd loop but peel off at Squaw Valley. As you ride up those 2 miles to transition a little voice in your head maybe screaming thinking I have to run up this hill (twice). Yes you are correct.

Run- 1.5 miles mostly downhill is an awesome way to start the run not so awesome way to finish and then you turn right and do a loop around Squaw Creek Resort which is a 1+ mile loop and 250+ feet of climbing in .5 miles and you exit back to Squaw Valley Road and head to the River Trail.  The River Trail is awesome, shaded, along the river or creek, and a nice place to run.  Miles 4-5 are "gentle up hill" and than it flattens out with some small ups and downs to mile 9 where you turn around and come back.  You don't Squaw Peak on the way up (thank you Ironman) BUT the first .5 miles onto Squaw Valley Rd are the steepest, once you pass the soccer pitch it is a gentle up hill to the finish (just kidding) because you are only at 18 miles.

Back down, loop on Squaw Creek, and then almost to the bottom of Squaw Valley Road and your turn around and head back up that m'fucking  gentle climb to the finish line!

This is NOT a hard run IF
1- it was not at 6600 feet
2- if you had not ridden 112 miles with close to 7000 ft of elevation

But you are at elevation and this is an Ironman.

Fuel well
Dig deep
Take it 1 mile at a time
Be thankful you are able to race an Ironman!

Sun sets around 7-7:30 and that is when the temperature drops.  The River Trial is cooler than other areas and is very dark.  If you think you maybe running in the dark, I'd suggest a headlamp and a long sleeve shirt, gloves

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