Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday before Ironman

1 - wake up 4:30 so we can be on race day schedule? no because Mako wakes up at 4:30 and stands in our doorway until Roo wakes up and when Roo wakes up  we all wake up

2- Ez run, flush out the legs  and visualize Ironman  or stay on my feet with 2 Vizsla's on leash. Mako well trained and running alongside and Roo running all over trying to figure out what the hell is around her neck.

3- 1 hour of calls, work and emails.

4-  2 hour ez ride on road bike, TT bike long gone with Tri Bike Transport

5- More work and the realization that I will not be on vacation in Whistler but working (a lot) call to ATT to set up voice/data plan for International travel.  So speedy.... 27 minutes later all set up.

6- More drug dealer  tiny plastic bags laid out with white powder, pills and other assorted racing and training needs.  Sharpie to mark what power is what, how many calories are in each bag- double bag so powder not dispersed all over luggage.

7- shoes, helmet, final packing- giant pile in my bedroom- how much gear do you need for an Ironman.

8- call from client?  " are you free Friday or Monday for a meeting?"  Uh no.. trying to schedule call around Ironman and then set up face to face.

9 - realizing we return Tue at 11:30pm and my flight to Boulder is Wed 11am for Training Peaks University 3 day class and then Ironman Boulder coaching.

10- Swim lesson, masters coaching - purposely give long main set as I need to review a contract on my iPhone.  I am usually 100% committed to my swimmers and coaching but well I am blaming Ironman.  

11- Starbucks- caffeine and a few more calls

12- Apple Store..iphone is acting up as in breaking out in song on it's own and with songs I'm not sure I have on the phone.  While there use gift card which was not working for new headphones.  Card not working and I slip from calm patient customer to start raving WTF customer..the louder I get the larger the space around me.  Manger soon arrives and "fixes" situation ie: make the crazy lady quiet.  I apologize and ask if they have ever done an Ironman.

13- Lululemon - for running shorts.  I have a pair of black speed shorts and they are MIA.  After hour  + of going through all workout bins- shorts, sports bra's, tops, cycling gear etc I give up and go shopping.  My mantra "do not buy anything else"  With 11 items in the fitting room I recommit and buy only my replacement shorts.  And learned not to wash or dry with 100% cotton towels- why? causes pilling.  How is this the first time I have heard this?  noted...

14- My 10th visit to Nytro- RaceDayBoost supply was low - as in 4 pills short in what I need.  So why risk it right.... does Race Day Boost work ? hard to say - I have had great races and not great races using it.   It is sodium phosphate loading- why? supposedly boost glycogen storage, provides lactic acid buffering and increased time at anaerobic threshold (where I will NOT be during Ironman.

15- last few hours of work, packing, re- packing, unpacking to make sure I packed what I thought I packed, review of race day check list and then trying to remember what I put in my gear bag that shipped with my bike. Decided if I could not find what I was looking for (ie: race goggles and sunglasses) I must have sent in gear bag.  Note to self: write down what was in gear back vs frantically stuffing it as I am headed to 6am masters realizing I have to drop off that day and want to save a trip. 

16 - goal to be in bed 8:00 - as we have a 3:30 wake up  - 9:30 I was in bed.... well it is Tuesday before Ironman that is okay to short sleep tonight! 

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