Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Happens....

What is the biggest limiter to most triathletes reaching their full potential?  LIFE

Sure it can be injury, physical issues etc...but in general it is life.  When an athlete asks me what do I need to do to achieve X- I'll do whatever it takes... that maybe true but really they will do whatever it takes within my current life.

We all have it... it maybe a demanding job, travel, kids, dogs, spouses, parents, birds, name it, but this is what gets in the way.  But that is not a bad thing.  When an athlete says "if I just had more time..." Yes you maybe a lot faster but do you want to be in Kona alone- without a wife, kids... etc.  Some do and they make that sacrifice to literally do whatever it takes to achieve an athletic goal.   I know a few who change jobs, give up "life" to make it happen and this a awesome for them as they made that choice.  You have to make your choices.

But most of us.... we have to balance and do the best we can.  Thursday I had 2 workouts planned, carefully around my work schedule, and my daughter comes down early in the AM and her face is 3x it's normal size (out of respect to her I will not post the picture) but holy cow... she says I think I need to go back to the Dr.  She had been twice for a rash and turns out the Erythromycin they had given her ( as they thought it maybe infected) cased a major allergic reaction.  We spent the next 5 hours at Urgent Care, she was under control and home early afternoon. She says to me, swollen and grumpy, you can go ahead and go.  Really..... sure I could but with only a few months before she moves out, I am milking this quality time.

Sure, quality time with a teenager, may take a medical emergency, but I'll take it.  We watched movies, hung out and well I got to be a Mom for my sick kiddo. She is nearly back to normal... thankfully.

Back to my point....  Life happens, embrace what is good and roll with what is not ideal.   I spent the beginning of the week dealing with another medical issue ( not mine) as well as was pulled away from a coaching commitment and a few other "plans"  I would not trade what I have going on to be 10 minutes or even 1 hour faster in my next Ironman.

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