Thursday, June 6, 2013

National Running Day

I am trying to run most days but made it a point to run yesterday..... we chose to join the Nytro crew along with Powerbar, Sam Adams and Competitor for a run along the coast to the Cardiff Cook.  2 of my Nytro Women's team mates joined the crew along with John and Mako.   Beautiful Encinitas  evening and a fun way to break up the week.  

While is was a 3.5 mile run and not a big deal it made me reflect on how much I love this sport and how it as changed our lives,  We have so many new friends and are always meeting new ones. And showing up at Nytro it was great to see so many familiar faces- people I did not know a year ago.

Such as my new riding buddy...  I rode yesterday and had my arse handed to me  by Anna (a serious cyclist/triathlete) this has kicked me back into some hard riding. When we hit Elfin is was all aero and  relentless pace.  I use to ride like this a lot but with all the IM training I was so focused on long and steady IM power that I lost this part of riding. And I love it-  I never worried about my power I just rode hard and did not want to have  to draft so I dropped back and suffered.  It was fun and fits in with Cross Fit- short and hard.  And yowza can I feel it....but it was fun reading peak power in my file after the ride.

So the run last night was good - stiff legs but running along the ocean with the guy I love, my favorite pup and teammates. Life is pretty darn special! 

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