Friday, March 8, 2013

Some days you gotta just roll with it

Wednesday was one of those days....a busy day I knew and well planned out to meet all objections.  I opted to ship my bike to Cabo via Tribike transport- which is great as I don't have to break it down, pack in a box, risk the airlines/TSA slamming the lid on my derailleur - yes this happened to me) , can rent a small car (no bike box to haul) and the best part is post Ironman when my bike is disgusting and abused I simply roll it to TbT and see it 1 week +- back at Nytro.  The downside is the bike has to be ready to go on 10 days pre-Ironman.  I planned ahead, or so I thought, and put my race wheels on Monday and dropped off for final race tune up. Plan was early Wed ride to make sure all was ok, leave the bike and be back working by 10:15.

Well soon into my ride I realized I could not get into my biggest gear..arh and soon thereafter power dropped off.  I thought maybe my new Garmin 510? (which I love BTW) but was working fine the last few weeks.... and soon realized it must be the battery in the Quarq.  Well better today than race day.  The battery is not a common battery, but 5 stores later I found one and was able to get it back to Nytro, stopping along the way for 1 conference call and 1 webinar.  Thank goodness for laptops, Starbucks and free- fast Wi-Fi.

Nytro was slammed on Wed with all other last minute tune ups, TbT etc but were awesome to work me in, adjust the derailleur (having all my gears is a must have for me) , changing the battery and and after a test ride...checking my bike in. I am 15 min on my way and I realize my pedals are still at Nytro so I go back.  Back on my way, hours later than hoping to a much needed PT appointment for my hamstring when Nytro calls to let me know I left my wallet.  Crap.... need it and back I go, only to get on the 5 behind a cop weaving all over for a traffic break so some heavy equipment can get on the 5 and then we stop.  And wait.....and wait... 15 minutes.  Now I already had 10 minutes to get to an appointment that was 20 minutes away- not looking good.  I was freaking out, simply road rage, pounding the seat calmly listening to NPR thinking I can control what I can control.  Called the office...too late, missed my appt and will probably be charged.  Argh!

I am at my desk 3 hours later than necessary wtih 111 emails and workouts to map for CCFA run Wed night.  I take a big breath and simply have to prioritize what will has to get done by 5, what has to get done before bed and what can wait.... that done really increased the stress as the done by 5 is almost unreasonable.  I get to work... realize I cannot make the Wed run (I have other coaches who are going to ok, not ideal but ok- and considering my niggling hamstring probably a good idea)  I am feeling productive when Mako walks in with my most expensive leather dress shoe in his mouth chewed beyond wear....and he is whapping is ears (not a word but that is what he does- head in 1/2 circle and ears flapping up and down) and that reminds me of his ear infection and need to see the vet...ah really - today?  

I do my next to calls in the park throwing the ball for Mako as he is bouncing off the wall and Zen is bored.  Off to the vet, laptop in my bag and I get through 2 line items as Mako is being tortured with shots and ear cleaning and home and back to work...  At 4:45 my cleint emails asking for the report...which I finished at the vet and emailed to the wrong persson with the same first name at 3:30.  Ooops... on its way.  

My healthy eating has gone to hell today.... I was downing Mocha's, dark chocolate acai berries and then fro yo (all before noon)...sugar and caffeine.  Working pretty well but took a break from the sugar and prepped some french green beans, kale, bbq chicken and tossed with sesame oil and rice wine vinegar.  It was good fuel for the rest of the night.... by 8 most was under control and I simply had to go to bed.  2 late nights already and I am protecting my health....10 days to IM and no sickness.

All in all....nothing life threatening- and looking back, whats the big deal? I burned a lot of energy stressing... deep breath and on we go!

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