Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes you gotta just roll with it

A planner by nature, but profession and a control freak  person who likes is hard when plans are derailed   I plan...I like to know where I am riding Saturday on Monday- with whom, the route and practically what my nutrition will be.   I like Training Peaks so I can see all my workouts for the week, they merge with my Outlook Calendar so when I am setting up call, appointments etc. I work around them or plan accordingly.  

So when my day is high-jacked  not the night before, not with warning but around 8am.... I get a little crazy, ok a lot crazy, bat shit crazy as my friend Michelle says.  I sort of hyperventilate and worry about the domino affect of the rest of the week if today is off kilter.... oh right and an ironman in 3 weeks means skipping or missing workouts just cannot happen right now.  But priorities have to come into play.... so I use my brain and prioritize 1- family 2- work 3- training.  Those are how the roll and I need to be "flexible" to make it wall work....99% of the time it goes how  I want, a benefit of owning my own businesses and setting my own hours working at any hour so I can get it all done.  So the 1-2 % when it doesn't I am usually okay... did I mention an Ironman in 3 weeks.   Yes. that explains the crazy.....Ironman is sort of like hormones...I cannot control the affect and sometimes well it is a lot. 

Deep breath....I reworked Thur and Friday and hope I can make it all happen.... right I will before I get on a plane to Minneapolis on Sunday-  At least there is a warming trend and it will be in the 20's.... vs 5-6 degrees as it is now.  But I will worry about that on Saturday!

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