Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I survived

Oceanside 70.3 is over and I survived the weekend..... I know, stop b*&tching Julie but this was the 1st time in 6 years, since I started in Triathlon that I did not race O'side.   It was my 1st 70.3, my 3rd triathlon ever, it is in my home town....the list goes on!  

But I did go and cheer and that was a lot of fun!  Amy and I joined forces and cheered on so many friends...It was great to see so many familiar faces out there laying it on the line.  With the course change we had a great spot where we saw so many people 2 or 3 times.   Nytro girls rocked it!  Loved seeing our kits out there and am eager to get mine out racing as well!

I got up early Saturday AM and was on my bike by 6am alone with my iPod and did some damage..I took on Highland Valley Road and went hard- I needed to hurt and be humbled before heading up to the race.  It was humbling as the power is still low in regards to the effort...but that will come.   

My sis and family were in town so that was a great distraction....lots of food and wine and fun! 

Hoping to be running this week....10 min every other day, starting over with baby steps and not overdoing it.  Rehab United is continuing to kick my arse but adding flexibility each time and the ankle is stable. Had a particularly hard session last night and ankle and fracture was really sore...Bryan was not worried, ice, sleep and all should be okay.  I was not believing it - but I woke up today and while the stabilizing muscles and my glutes are on fire- the ankle and fracture are not sore.  Good news!

Spring break for the kids....no big plans around here -after going to AU for winter break we are sticking close to home and both kids are busy with lacrosse, golf and JD is working.  More relaxing around here without the stress of homework for a week!  

I have been really busy with swimming lessons....after O'side seems many are eager to step up their swim for the next big race or they have time to focus between races.  I think the #1 feedback I heard from my athletes who raced is they need more OW swimming!  Good news is that the water is getting warmer.  OW is very different than the pool...not only due to swells, currents and all the people but the continuous swimming is MUCH tougher than having a wall every 25 or 50M.  I am going to challenge my clients to get in the OW and do OW races... a 1 mile OW race is great prep for a 70.3.  Swim with others, race hard, practice sighting....There is a 1 mile OW swim on May 20- Encinitas - if you are racing in June- sign up and do it!.   Make it a good training weekend.... Saturday Encinitas Century Ride and Sunday 1 mile swim - add a long run in there and that is a solid weekend!  Who wants to play??? 


  1. Hi Julie! So sorry about not being able to race Oceanside. What will you use as your qualifier? Will I see you at IMLP?
    (so glad you are not in my AG this year! :)haha!)
    I cannot believe you are talking about OW swimming already... we have another month and half here before that is possible!

    1. Hey Mary...I am planning IMLP but all depends on my running.... hoping to be ready for LP!