Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Race Report


Swim:28:14....this was the most disappointing part of the day.  Not during the race- as seriously I was sure I clocked a PR in the swim.  I swam hard, harder than ever before.  My arms were sore as I exited the water and sore on Monday.   So when I heard a 28 I was dumbfounded....oh well - I have heard from a few others their times were slow compared to swim fitness and expectations.  It was rolly out past the protected area.  I swam alone, well until I swam over others- but no other purple cap in sight. I have to say I love, love my new wetsuit-  Zoot Prophet .  This is the first race- every my neck was not chafed and raw.  So comfortable. The O'side swim is fun because each wave lines up like cows going to slaughter (ok kind of gruesome) but you are in the shoot for a while as each wave goes off.  It was fun to watch Andy Potts come flying back in and meanwhile chatting with everyone.  This race is the least stressful in the AM due to so many friends about.  Amy and I hung out, chatted about everything but the race, and happily passed the time- sort of like we did in Kona.  And suddenly it was time to line up. 

Bike 2:46:04  Definitely slower than I had hoped...1 minute slower than my 09 split but my normalized power was 5 watts higher. So I think the ride was a "better" ride but there was a lot more wind inside Pendleton.  Out of the water my legs were flat, did not feel a lot of pop in them and my gut was unsettled.  I was a bit worried as I kept burping up salt water etc.  I stuck with water only for 20+ minutes to allow my stomach to settle and at 30 min I wanted to start taking in calories- slowly I started sipping.  45 minutes my legs were not feeling great and I made a decision to suck it up and ride- nail the power, trust the training and go from there.  My HR was spot on so on I rode. Around 1:15 my legs opened up and I was feeling great- I was holding back and sticking to my power guidelines.  KP said the last 10 miles I could pick it up if the power was there and to expect to feel tired and ready to get off the bike.  I felt great, I picked it up and think I could have given it more...(hindsight is a beautiful thing)  Rolling down Vandegrift when a lot of people are starting to die and slow down, I was feeling awesome.  I was singing, giving encouragement to people I passed, called out 2 pace lines with 3+ people in them and before I knew it I was rolling into T2.  The time was slower than I hoped but the headwinds were strong and I knew it was not a PR day for the bike.
Run 1:40:30  KP reminded me the 1st mile is usually painful and tough and then the legs open up.  I felt great, had to keep dialing back the pace as 7:00 is too fast for me on mile 1.  My garmin kept freezing up and shutting down so I just ran and tried to not worry about it.  At this point I knew I was in 1st but no clue how far back 2nd place was.  So I stuck to my plan and started ticking off the miles- each mile was feeling good and I was thankful for each mile that I felt that way.  I soon found out I was up 6 minutes but that was only at mile 3 so a fast runner could easily run me down.  I stuck to my plan and kept running.  I love this course because you see everyone on the run as it is out and back x 2.  Great to see my teammates out there and all the other Tri Clubbers.  Soon I was at the turn around- shout out to Mom and John and then the miles did not feel so great nor did they "fly by." Garmin was dead so I jumped behind a guy, asked his pace and followed him.  Around 8 KP said I 2nd place put 2 minutes into me on the 1st lap, but she was slowing down and I had picked it up.  I was not worried- my pace was good, I was able to hold it and just get this done.  Troy, guy I was tailing had a fast cadence and he was great.  On the way back KP said no worries, this race is yours.... but I was not going to let up.  All the cheering was so helpful, the Nytro guys were awesome, Danielle and the Nytro team members were loud and encouraging, thanks to John for bringing my Mom, the tri club on the course and volunteering all makes such a difference. 

It was so fun watching  Beth run down first place.  I was giving her updates on what the girl was wearing and how far back she way.  The girl is such an amazing runner...she breezed by my like it was effortless. Well done- she not only caught her to win but was also the 1st Amateur overall!

Back to my race...around mile 12 Troy started to slow down so it was my turn to pull him....he wanted to stop at the aid station and I said "come on,1 mile, gut it out"  and we took off.  He was on my heels up the last hill and fell off.  Rounding that corner is so sweet!  Crowds and yelling and knowing it would all end soon! PR on the run!  I sooo wanted to break 1:40- but oh well.  Pulled off the run in my Zoot TT's- no socks, shoes were awesome. and no blisters. 

And finally the monkey off my back....1st place at O'side.  Fun to share the fun with so many good friends at the finish! Congrats to Noko for an awesome race,  James - the dream crusher and AG winner with Beth, Amy for staying tough, Kristen for not giving up, Darcy for rockin the run and to everyone else who raced! 

So the goal was under 5 hours, hoped to go 4:55 (but would have been tough on that day) and to win. So 2 for 2 and I will gladly take it.  Expensive day as well....hard to complain though- coughed up money for 70.3 Worlds Championships in Vegas on 9/11 and and more money for the big show....Ironman World Championships in Kona 10/11.  Yee haw another Ironman... :)

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  1. So proud of you Julie!!! You are such an inspiration!! Enjoy your downtime :)