Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why does my dog lick his butt?

Got your attention now....  So I may have stooped to my lowest ever with this one...but well Zen has a particular fascination with that portion of his anatomy- more so than our other dog.  And at times, well all the time. it is disgusting. I do find it amusing that one of the most popular sayings in our house is "Zen stop licking your butt" 

In the last few weeks he his frequency has escalated and it was time to take action.  So what do you do when you need to figure out it!  Clearly I am not the first dog owner with such a predicament- amusingly enough there is an entire page of inquiries and responses.  Either your dog has worms -which I had already ruled out or there is another issue.

Now here is where it gets really gross and I will not elaborate too much- but we have since learned that a unique physiological attribute to the canine species are anal glands.  This speciality is generally not an issue unless they become impacted. You get the picture here (or not) but enough said.  It gets better....while most recommend a trip to the vet there are numerous people who have blogged and taped "how to video's" in case you would like to remedy this yourself and save money.  For me this is clearly a time, no question, when I will gladly pay the vet.  But you see I am married to a very frugal man who likes to play Vet at times.  So how can I allow him this opportunity.....

You see where this is going....sure enough he is planted in front of the big screen watching how to videos. Although he is frustrated that he cannot really see what needs to be done- well gee, sort of hard to put the camera up "there" any case he continues to study.  I am fascinated that the warning does not deter him.

Warning: The fluid has an exquisite smell (some think it’s worse than skunk stink), so it’s best done before bath.

So I leave you all hanging....did John really do it?????? 

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  1. ugh, yuck! My dog gets these too and apparently if they scoot their butts on the ground they can get rid of them without intervention... so I just hope he scoots his butt so I don't have to take him to the vet. I think I would pee my pants laughing if someone I knew did that at home.