Monday, December 13, 2010

When working feels like an Ironman

5 days of meetings, networking, training and socializing is exhausting!   I work for the greatest company HPN Global!  I use work many think frankly I never work, but really I do and work pretty hard, just not in the conventional way.  This is my "own" business so to speak and I run it how it suits me.  So when I am able to ride Great Western Loop on Tuesday morning it is frankly pretty darn awesome....but flying all day on Saturday is not. It all works out in the end.  I am not a desk jockey  that is for sure.  I work in my car, on bike rides (as my riding buddies know), from the pool locker room, running trails... you name it.  As long as I am available for my customers when the need me, then I am doing what I need.   The beautify of my iPhone is I can work anywhere, anytime.  And now with my newsest toy my iPad- there is no excuse ever.   So what do I do- really?  I researcher and contract hotels for my clients meetings and events.  A party planner? not, even planner? sort of.  I am a solution for many who are planning meetings and events.  I save them time, save them money and have the resources through HPN Global to do it better and faster with the efficiencies of our company. 

Sounds fun...talking with hotels, traveling and seeing hotels, being wined and dined...sure it is in the beginning and then well it becomes a job!   But given the fact we all need to make a living somehow, I am pretty darn fortunate.   Building a business is not easy and believe me when I left the security of the corporate world 6 years ago I was scared!  Thankfully I had John for support and we sucked it up a bit and made it happen.   Now well I have a life I love and am looking to grow a new business on the side.

I am officially a USA Triathlon Coach and am open for business so to speak.  I am still working on the website and getting up and running but I have one client and have booked a few guys for 5 sessions of swimming.  Sharing my passion on triathlon and turning it into a business is truly a dream come true.  I have learned so much in 4 years from KP and on my own that I am eager to guide others in the journey of triathlon!  I know what it is like to manage a job, be a mom and a wife and train for Ironman.  What keeps most of us from reaching our true potential in triathlon is not our athletic limits but life in general.  Whether it be the fact you have to work 10 hours a day, you cannot ride on weekends so you can be a mom, you have to travel, stress at home...the list is limitless but all these factors keep us from training full time.  So we make the best with what we have.  I recall asking KP what would be the best schedule for me to have my best race and he would say it does not matter what may be the ideal schedule what matters is what fits into your life.   And that is the truth! 

There are so many ways to train...volume vs intensity, intensity vs volume, some of both and a lot of what works best for the athlete is what they can handle time wise and physically.  I have loved learning and reading the various philosophies and why one is "better" than the other- but for over reason one is better there is a counter argument to another.  It's all fascinating and a whole lot of fun as well!

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  1. Great comments, Julie. And they give an insight into why you are so accomplished at everything you set your mind to; from family to work and sport. It's a pleasure to be a small part of your team. You will be a strong asset to the athletes you guide and I look forward to supporting those efforts.