Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Estrogen Ride + John

So I ride mid week a lot because I own my own business and I try to be available on the weekends for my kids. So today was a mid week 3.5 hour ride and I was planning to hook up with my usual mid week chix and ride Elfin Forest. But we got lucky....not only is it Spring Break for my kids but also for some cool tri girls who work in schools. And they told their friends so we had a party of a ride!! And then John simply could not go to work on this beautiful sunny day so he was the token male and took his job seriously. It was even better that he was wearing an old pair of my biking shorts - luckily they are not pink but seriously they are short and looked like he was wearing hot pants.
We had a great ride and chatted it up the whole way and with new faces there was more conversation to be had. We kicked up KM on the coast, nothing like a Pro, serioulsy a real Pro to mix up the ride. Okay mix it up or pick it up....not sure, but it was all good. And Rachel must have been popping HGH for breakfast because serioulsly she had a few more gears in her legs than we did.

R and J hit the trails for a run and I was sticking to coaches plan and that meant just the ride. So C and I hit Peet's- oh yeah! that is a the best transition sipping iced coffee.

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