Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well I did it! I ventured out to Bikram Yoga despite all the naysayers, warnings and negativity. So I went in expecting the absolute worst. And sometimes that is a good way to approach things. So Bikram is hot yoga...I walk in and holy cow, it was fricking hot and humid. Would have been great training for Kona.

Maybe this will be me soon......

The teacher is a fellow triathlete and she is great. I settle in and we begin. First 30 min was not too bad and I am getting the hang of it. I take a little break and drink, guzzle water...Wendy reminds the group and the new comers of Bikram etiquette, only water breaks when the teacher offers, otherwise "we" break rhythm. I am thinking, would you rather me break rhythm or flat out die lady? But I smile and continue. The website says do not eat 2 hours prior. So I did not eat. Well this is a morning class and 1 hour into the class I am starving, seeing stars and seriously thinking of passing out. Gee, wonder how it would go over if I had whipped out a Power Bar and noisily opened the wrapper and started noshing down....not good I imagine. Just when I think I am doing pretty well I hear- "look in the mirror and you should see your feet creeping over your head....right! " And then she says, and "Julie try to get those feet off the ground, there you go, one inch at a time" So the bendable buddy next to me has her feet creeping over her head, I can see them in the mirror and mine are mere inches off the floor, sweat pouring off of me and I am far from smiling. Holy cow....it was hot, I did get an amazing stretch and I did it!

As we are leaving she says see you tomorrow....over my dead body. I will be gladly riding Great Western Loop and NOT complaining.

So I leave Yoga guzzling every liquid I can find in my car, head to Costco and eat every possible sample and still have to open the dried fruit in the car. Once I recovered, around dinner time, I did feel noticeably better, looser and glad I went.

So today I happily got up, nearly slept all night- only 1 hour of sleeplessness- jet lag is nearly gone, and headed to East County. We did a little pre-ride with R on the flats and picked up B for the loop. The plan was to head to Descanso but nearing the top of Lyons Valley I knew that was not going to be happening for me. The 3 week sabbatical from training + the increase in cookies and wine and then the 80 mile welcome home ride were all piled on my back and in my legs. So J and I gladly turned left and descended. Why- because we could! Coach had 3 hour ride today and I was sticking to that plan. It will be soon enough that I see the 5-6 hour ride and then I don't have a choice. So we rode back and saved what energy was left.

Thank goodness for the organic peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies I had made and brought with me. Something about iced coffee and cookies- really way to make things all better. I had a conference call, so I pulled under a shady tree with my feet out the window and conversed for an hour before heading home to do some more work. Really- could my job be any worse??

And now it is 6:20, John is in bed. Jet lag is killing him, he was up at midnight and decided to go to work at 1am and came home at noon. He stayed up until 5 or so and could not manage. He says to wake him at 7, will see how that goes. Especially because I am planning to walk the dogs and be in bed by 7. You would think I had a big training day of a 6 hour ride + a run. Ironman is a long way away....

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