Monday, May 20, 2019

Korey Stringer Institute

LOVE this "preventing sudden death" 

Day 1 is complete at the KSI:  Korey Stringer Institute on the Campus of UConn in the Department of Kinesiology. They are renowned for their research and expertise in heat and hydration.  A department I am renowned for failing.

My last 2 (or 6)  ironmans were challenging as they resulted in massive weight loss 9 and 6 lbs respectively, foggy memory, black spots, delirium,  GI issues and just not a good time.   Add any other HOT race they have all included upper/lower or sometimes both GI distress - picture that in a porta potty when its 100 degrees, cramping, extreme nausea....  I know I am a heavy sweater 60-74 oz of fluid loss an hour ( known to date) and 1800-2200 mg of sodium. Numbers that are challenging to replace. I have tried so many products and plans and still strugle every HOT Ironman.  So I have come to mecca.  To the place, they do the testing and will give me actual numbers of sweat and sodium loss.

A long day of travel and I rolled in around 8 and unpacked my bike.  First thing I noticed was the plastic piece on the side that prevents something I am sure, was torn off  - see the x that is GONE.  I unpack my bike and put it together, hmmmm, wheel rubbing, try again, and then I see it. Fuck- seat stay is crushed in.  Holy crap, panic and lose my shit  Calmly think about what I can do?  It's 9:00 and I need my bike tomorrow and by the way, I am racing in less than 2 weeks.  Drink a bottle of wine No, I 'm here for testing so I got my stuff together, went to bed and prayed for a diving intervention.

In hindsight, I forgot the pads on the seat stay, although not sure it would have sustained that crash- I tape pool noodles on every OTHER possible place of impact and 100% forgot to protect this area.    I have not packed my bike since August and was in a hurry, chatting on the phone and was remiss.

Got to KSI at 8:30 and we were able to get the bike on the Kickr and using a knife and some electrical tape, we braced it up for the testing.   Today was substrate utilization testing - which is to determine my carb vs fat burning and actual Kcal/hour at various intensities.   All with this lovely mask.  The test was 1:10 starting at 50% of FTP and working up in 5 min increments to 120%, tracking HR/Power.   I don't have full results but here is a shocker I am not a big fat burner...LOL, no kidding not fat adapted. I burn the most fat at 68-72% of FTP, my sweet spot for Ironman.  And burn fewer calories than I hoped had previously thought.  They will work this up and give me the info post-visit.

After the test, we chatted a bit, and then I was given my urine collection canisters- oh yes, 24 hours of collection.   Nothing like walking about with urine in your backpack.  I was also given a log to commence at noon for ALL food/beverage consumption. Detailed as in type, amount, how prepared, brand name, time, restaurant etc.  And my core temperature pill which I swallow between midnight and 4am for the big testing tomorrow.

Rest of the day I am working and hope to check out the campus a bit.  

Tomorrow- 2hour IM bike in Heat Chamber - set at Kona conditions +  1  hour Run 

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