Thursday, November 3, 2016

That's a wrap

2x 70.3's and 3 140.6 and a few other random races should, I say should, be a solid season but NO I have one more tiny ok big ass  event on the books.  Big as in 48 miles of running through or should I say down and across and up and down and across the Grand Canyon.

Saturday, we are doing R3 or R2R2R ( Rim to Rim to Rim)  As most people ask next, all in one day? Yes in one day (or at lease we hope)  48 miles and 20,000 (yes 3 zeros) feet in elevation- 10k up and 10k down

The sordid story is not all the sordid....really the topic was broached early this year as what should we do for my gulp 50th birthday.  We came up with R3 and it seemed was perfect- My birthday fell (10/21) on Friday and we would do it the next day.  Well then I decided I really wanted to race in Kona this year and had to do 2 IM's do get there as I did  NOT get the job done in Canada.  So 3 Ironman races in 11 weeks and my birthday  was 2 weeks post Kona and that just seemed nuts. But 4 weeks Kona ?  Yes still nuts but less nuts.  If you dont really think about it, it is less nuts- trust me.

We reached out the the R3 Queen (Smashfestqueen) for her guidance as she has knocked this bad boy out 3 times.  We needed training plans.

Mine was- train for Kona and add a few 30 min stair sessions. Whereas John's was building up more miles and had many more stair sessions with a 30lb pack + some long runs.  I did my long runs in Whistler, CdA and Kona. What is as stair session?  Head to Swami's where there are 140 stairs to the beach and you go up and down for said time.

The first time I did 30 min, post a 90 min run, it was not bad at all, until the next day and the day after.  My calves were totally wrecked. OMG.  So table that and train for Kona.  I crammed my R3 training in after I " recovered" from Kona, ha ha and before it was time to "taper" for R3.

Basically I chilled for a week and started climbing stairs, not really thinking that I had just done an Ironman or 3.  My culmination in training was last Tue with 25 min run, 2 hours of stairs with 27lbs and a 20 min run.  I woke up Wed thinking I am a badass as I feel pretty good.  Now Thur I was paralyzed....Good ol DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

So we are now tapering, cramming, packing and still trying to figure out how to carry 4500 calories, 3 liters of water and stay warm in the AM (30 degrees) and comfortable in the canyon with the least amount of weight.

It is looking like this.

Salomon Running Vest with 2L bladder and 2 1/2 liter collapsible bottles
1200 calories carbo pro
1200 calories YUM butter
10 x HUMA gels
2x Boba Bars @390 calories each
2x The Perfect Cookie @ 400 calories each
6x The Right Stuff for sodium
Caffeine pills
Can you say hello 1970's split running shorts
I can tell you know- if the fashion police are in the GC this weekend
I am will be hideous 

Hoka Challenger ATR shoes
CEP Compression socks
1970's "race ready" running shorts
tech t
long sleeve tech t
cycling jacket
ear warmer
trucker hat
head lamp

First aid kit

And there you have it....

We are driving out Friday AM to the Grand Canyon- meeting Jen and Jason there.. wihs us luck! 

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