Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(some) people suck

As in the people who burgled our house (not robbed) burgled ....yes on Monday I went to swim at Masters and had a long ride to make up, after my week of "fun" in Cabo.  My ride was challenging and I tanked my run due to fatigue... 19 days from Kona it is better to error on the side of conservative.  

As I drove up and opened the garage I noticed all the cupboard were open.  First thought, John was frantically looking for something, yes I have seen this before.  Next, the door to the house is open, that rarely happens and the side garage door is open.  I am more pissed at his recklessness, at this point as I glance up and realize both road bikes and 3 sets of wheels are gone. BUT John had moved the bikes into the bedroom when I was traveling so I thought he must have done that again.

I call the dogs and they sheepishly came out.  Red flag #1.  I walked in the house and all the drawers of my desk were open.  Back to "what was John looking for" and then I see my "trainer bike" is not on the trainer and I see all the drawers open in the bedroom and it hits me.... FUCK we have been burglarized.    Mild or major hysteria sets in and I call John.  I am wondering through the house realizing what is gone and I am in disbelief.  Our gate was propped open and clearly they grabbed and ran.   The aholes took my FAVORITE pillowcase (yes I have one)  and filled it with my entire jewelry box and lots of other misc items.   As I wandered around I see they took our check books and get this the 4 pairs of running shoes new in boxes, sunglasses, the hydration vests we ordered to try on for R3 and more..... The list is over 75 items.  It is surreal and I wish it was a dream.

There is so much more to say.....but I don't know who stole from us and if they ready my f'ing blog! They knew our patterns and knew what to take.  They bribed our dogs with french fries and left us feeling violated, angry, scared, sad, and more....... The last 3 days have been about building walls in every sense.  We will be living in a fortress, both virtually and physically.  I dare those bastards to try again, ok not really.

All I can say is that sure it is stuff and that can be replaced....what feels horrible is not feeling safe in your own home, wondering who did this, knowing someone pawed through all your stuff.   I go to sleep worried, wake up in the middle of the night scared and burst into tears a few times a day.  I am so thankful for my friends and the support. The outreach from so many offering bikes, wheels  and anything triathlon related is amazing and why I live this community.   Knowing we are loved means so much.  From bringing us dinner,  to an offer to simply keep me company in my house while working and reaching out with support, I feel the love and thank you all!

We are fine and will move on....but for now!  Fuck sums it all up 

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